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Favorite Baby Pictures

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Elaine's Avatar Elaine
08:29 PM 07-28-2009
Do you have a favorite baby picture of your kids? I want to see them!!!

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my digital pictures when I had to do a recovery on my computer recently. While I have hard copies of most of Haley & Zach's baby pictures, I lost the ones I had scanned in. Most of Brenna's baby pictures were digital so I really lost most of them ... the only ones I could recover were ones I had posted online somewhere.
Btw, my backup didn't work ... I didn't knowingly dump my pictures.

This is one of my very favorite pictures of Brenna as a baby...
Grace's Avatar Grace
08:52 PM 07-28-2009
So sweet! I hope friends and family saved them for you.
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
11:05 PM 07-28-2009
I love that picture to cute!

Mine so far is this one

kaptainmirza's Avatar kaptainmirza
06:05 AM 12-04-2012

The first one's good.




How's this one..??

Grace's Avatar Grace
10:32 AM 12-13-2012

Too cute!  He's darling!

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