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Exercise for week of Jan 12

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Wendy's Avatar Wendy
08:20 PM 01-12-2009
I'm not counting my food today but will tomorrow.

25 minutes on wii fit. I tell ya it really does get my heart rate up.
Grace's Avatar Grace
09:04 PM 01-12-2009
Thanks for starting this up again, Wendy. I got off track in December and need to get back into exercising. Support and accountability help a lot. I understand those wii exercises are fun and this was from someone who considers exercise a form of torture.

Jan. 12 - 40 minutes Latin Blast off including 10 minutes of toning.
Wendy's Avatar Wendy
10:35 AM 01-13-2009
21 minutes on wii fit....I'll be doing more later but I'm waiting for my nephew to get here. But those 21 minutes have me sweating. Those strength training exercises are hard--at least for me they are!

8 oz water
Eggs and wheat toast
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
11:51 AM 01-13-2009
Jan 12 - 20 minute workout of Turbo Jam
Grace's Avatar Grace
05:52 PM 01-18-2009
Jan. 18: 40 minutes Latin Blast Off. I increased my weights to 3 lbs for the toning section.

I think i worked out about three times this week. Considering I had the flu most of the week, I think that is pretty good.
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
11:14 AM 01-21-2009
WTG, Ladies!
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