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  1. Birth control debates
  2. ETHAN!
  3. Liberals VS Conservatives (or Tea Party)
  4. Renewable Marriage Contracts
  5. US Census ~ Good? Bad? Indifferent?
  6. Lesbian teen in prom flap sues, returns to school
  7. Does the media make heroes of killers?
  8. Senators Demand General Rescind Order on Pregnant Soldiers
  9. Does the National Debt scare you?
  10. Sarah Palin's book
  11. Should kids be on reality tv?
  12. Health care debate
  13. 75% Say Americans Are Getting Ruder
  14. Will you let YOUR kids watch Obama's speech?
  15. Rigid School Dress Code Leads to Suspension of Dozens in Indiana
  16. Harvard prof, arresting policeman to talk again
  17. Defense spars with victim’s family at trial
  18. How are you feeling about the stimulus?
  19. Does it matter?
  20. Serial Surrogates Have Birthed More Babies for Others Than Themselves.
  21. Is parenting harder than it used to be?
  22. Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate vs white chocolate
  23. Turkey Day Vs Thanksgiving
  24. Did you see the debate?
  25. Do you support the bailout plan?
  26. Are you concerned about the stock market?
  27. Will the US go to war with Russia?
  28. What age should boys be allowed to start football as opposed to other sports?
  29. Does pet ownership affect your voting decisions?
  30. Global Warming...
  31. Obama vs McCain
  32. Should the US allow drilling for oil in the Arctic?
  33. Extended Breastfeeding
  34. Italian Court Orders Name Change
  35. Child Harnesses
  36. Katrina Victims being taken to Collections
  37. ABC defends show against outcry by pediatricians
  38. Paper or Plastic?
  39. Do you think it should be mandatory to learn a second language?
  40. I'm torn and could use some opinions
  41. Divorce
  42. Middle School to dispense BIRTH CONTROL!
  43. Website going to far?
  44. Will you stop giving cold/cough medication
  45. To sell or not to sell?
  46. Supply Lists...Should we have to buy the teachers supplies?
  47. Could this account for the lack of respect in our society?
  48. More Fodder For The Illegal Immigration Debate
  49. ya y or nay: Should Lisa Nowak's ankle bracelet be removed?
  50. Michael Vick
  51. Parents and underage drinking
  52. Should foodstamps pay for...
  53. Since someone else asked after I posted
  54. Troops pull out or stay?
  55. I know it's early, but I just have to ask...
  56. Michael Moore's "Sicko"
  57. Valedictorian
  58. Foreign or Domestic
  59. Do executions deter would-be murderers?
  60. man travels while contaminated w/ TB
  61. Should eBay sales be taxed?
  62. This is a little scarey
  63. Roker says Time for Imus to Go...
  64. Homeschooling
  65. Would you trust these two with your dds?
  66. Obessessed with weight?
  67. Barbie "going" pets VS. Baby Alive
  68. Should sex offenders...
  69. Mother may lose custody of obese boy
  70. Death Certificates for Aborted Babies
  71. What do you think of Hilary?
  72. Should viagra be sold over the counter?
  73. Dawn you will like this (Yoga causes controversy in public schools)
  74. Single sex public schools?
  75. Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy) goes to Rehab for anti-gay remarks....
  76. Lawmaker Proposes No-Spanking Law
  77. Pillow Angel Ethics
  78. Donald vs Rosie
  79. Most Important Christain Holiday
  80. Banning Harry Potter from Schools
  81. Dolls getting to sexy?
  82. Super Nanny
  83. Some Schools Offering Cars And Trucks For Good Attendance
  84. Uglier on a woman than a man?
  85. Nevada town passes English-only law
  86. Nature vs. Nurture
  87. Mixing cocktails and play dates
  88. Santa Claus: Should Parents Perpetuate the Santa Claus Myth?
  89. Ben Stein's thoughts on the holidays
  90. Are you happy with the election results in your state?
  91. How young is too young: Plastic Surgery?
  92. John Kerry's Comment
  93. What's the difference?
  94. Barack Obama (D-IL)
  95. Religious tracts with candy
  96. What would you do?
  97. Should black cat adoptions be banned over Halloween?
  98. women who don't wear head scarfs as "uncovered meat" who invite rape.
  99. Will you be voting in favor of Stem Cell research?
  100. Should school teachers be armed?
  101. Pit Bulls
  102. Peta is going to love this one...
  103. Old debate, new information - baby sex selection
  104. Michigan legislation would require girls to get HPV vaccine
  105. Will a candidate's pulling his or her ads on 9/11...
  106. Instrument Band or Machines?
  107. Not too serious of a debate: Sound vs appearance
  108. New HPV shot
  109. New banned list on airplanes
  110. Hooked on handouts
  111. Banning playground games
  112. So, do you think that pot should be legalized?
  113. Truth, Justice and all that stuff?
  114. Yoohoo Ohio Ladies that would like to sign
  115. Andrea Yates
  116. Minimum Wage debate
  117. A good job?
  118. So I was thinking yesterday...
  119. Should they face criminial prosecution?
  120. Do animals have more rights than human babies?
  121. Cry it Out or You Can't Spoil an Infant?
  122. The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
  123. Year-Round or Traditional?
  124. Speaking of Angelina and Brad
  125. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sell their baby pictures
  126. Spanking vs. Time Out
  127. Dixie Chicks are back?
  128. 'Da Vinci Code'
  129. Do parents determine kid's social status?
  130. Should teens be allowed to have online blogs?
  131. Public or Private School?
  132. Mother's Day - The Great Debate
  133. The National Anthem in Spanish????
  134. Bird Flu ...
  135. Proposed Immigration Law Changes
  136. Customer service reps with poor english skills
  137. Should this lady get legal advice?
  138. Will gas prices go down?
  139. How do you feel about this?
  140. Guilty of Farting?
  141. Do you think TV promotes Teen Sex?
  142. Dogs at parties
  143. Why Europe?
  144. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
  145. Too much emphasis on fattness?
  146. Birthday Party Question?
  147. kids and soda
  148. Banning hospitals from giving out free formula?
  149. Too old to be a mother?
  150. Should we get Presidents' Day off?
  151. should or shouldn't
  152. Required Eye Exams for School
  153. Would You Rather C-section Or Vag ?
  154. Using the King funeral as a political forum
  155. Cindy Sheehan???
  156. Freegan's: Would you choose to eat out of the garbage can??
  157. Is the weather accurate?
  158. The Fat Tax: A Controversial Tool in War Against Obesity
  159. Does Tom Cruise deserve a Razzie?
  160. Do you trust President Bush's judgement more or less today
  161. They got what they had coming to them!
  162. The pants police
  163. Since we are on this kick
  164. Thong underpants for boys
  165. 12 Year Olds & Thongs?!?!
  166. A subject that could affect a lot of us -- health insurance premiums
  167. Brad & Angelina?!?
  168. School proposes "No Divorce" policy
  169. Workplace smoking
  170. Whatever happened to thank- you notes?
  171. Reading the classics
  172. The magic pill
  173. Is this illegal?
  174. Church selling seats for mass?
  175. Circumcision?
  176. Baby Ear Piercing
  177. Brokeback Mountain
  178. Lynching Santa
  179. Is Saying Xmas Taking Christ Out Of Christmas?
  180. Tacky and insensitive or thought provoking and good business sense?
  181. Would you clean your teens/tweens room?
  182. What do you think of our Mayors decision?
  183. Holidays Debate
  184. How do you feel about this?
  185. Child abuse?
  186. Have you been keeping up with Sadam's trial?
  187. The Cookbook Vs The Internet
  188. Um, yeah, spoiled is not the right word...
  189. Jolie and Pitt in Pakistan
  190. The Knife VS the Gym
  191. A Vaccine to Wipe Out Cervical Cancer~THE DEBATE
  192. Another eBay debate
  193. Kids Parties
  194. What do you think about this?
  195. Do video/computer games cost too much?
  196. Is this fair to the poor?
  197. A different smoking debate....
  198. How do you feel about this?
  199. Mom, Dress Your Age!
  200. Tragedy overload?
  201. Divorce
  202. Should they let him play?
  203. Do you believe it is in every man's nature ...
  204. Animals used in testing....
  205. Karl Rove...
  206. Gays in the military...
  207. Tom Delay
  208. Spanking your child...
  209. Kabbalah
  210. The Kennedy assassination...
  211. Hanging chads in Florida...
  212. Do you believe that WMD
  213. Did the war in Iraq happen because of..
  214. Women's suffrage: was it really a good thing?
  215. Are you...
  216. The war in Iraq:
  217. Should gifted children
  218. School uniforms
  219. Would you like this?
  220. Would you vote for..
  221. Wilma and Katrina made me think...
  222. Should they get custody?
  223. Does anyone else find this funny?
  224. Is this right? Wrong? or does it really not matter?
  225. A Stay at home mom? Full time job or???
  226. What do you think?
  227. How many children are enough?
  228. Raising the legal age for military service and marriage
  229. Are teens the "way" they are because ..
  230. Public spanking
  231. Should prostution be legal?
  232. Body piercing and schools
  233. Do we push the little ones too hard?
  234. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law
  235. Fall clothes
  236. Conn. Enacts Law on Infertility Treatment
  237. PJs in public?
  238. F.D.A. Recalls of Baby Formula
  239. Is there an anti parent/child atmosphere growing in America?
  240. Would you let your son be a princess for Halloween?
  241. Boards slow: Let's start a debate.
  242. Should the post office raise it's rates?
  243. Is it hippocritical of the U.S. to keep other countries from getting nuclear arms....
  244. Barbera Bush's comments
  245. Should we spend more money educating...
  246. Do the terroritst hate us because.
  247. Do you think George Bush is doing everything he can for the Gulf Coast?
  248. Are little girls born drama queens?
  249. So you hear on every channel...
  250. Storm fasination