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: Medications

  1. Recall announcement ~ Listerine Agent Cool Blue
  2. Walgreens High Potency Iron Supplement
  3. CPSC, NBTY Inc. Announce Recall of Multivitamins
  4. CPSC, The Perrigo Co. Announce Recall of (Multivitamins)
  5. Children's Tylenol meltaways and Softchews
  6. Tylenol recall
  7. Actra-RX "Dietary Supplements" Promoted For Sexual Enhancement Contains...,.
  8. Recall of Twice-A-Day 12 Hour Nasal Decongestant to Cover Additional Lots
  9. Ageless Formula II Due to Excess Vitamin D
  10. Andrx Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Diltia XT Capsules
  11. Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Morphine Sulfate
  12. Forest Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levothroid Tablet
  13. Bromhist-DM Drops
  14. Par Pharmaceutical Has Recalled ORPHENGESIC FORTE TABLETS
  15. Wyeth Has Recalled PREMARIN
  16. FPP Has Recalled Zyprexa Tablets
  17. Century Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Dakin's Solution
  18. Alpharma Purepac Has Recalled Butalbital, Aspirin & Caffeine Tablets
  19. IVAX Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Aspirin and Codeine Phosphate Tablets
  20. Morton Grove Recall MGP Promethazine with Codeine Cough Syrup
  21. Bristol-Myers Squibb Has Recalled Questran Powder
  22. Aaipharma Has Recalled Darvon Compound
  23. Xcel Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Mysoline (primidone) Tablets
  24. Richmond Division of Wyeth Has Recalled PREMARIN
  25. "Vantin" Antibiotics Distributed in Northeastern States, KY, MN, MO and SD
  26. Septodont Has Recalled Drugs
  27. Skin Culture Institute Has Recalled Skin Culture
  28. Breckenridge Trading Has Recalled Lipitor tablets
  29. Ethex Corporation Has Recalled Morphine Sulfate
  30. Pride and Power Has Recalled Hair Care
  31. Jam Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Kaletra capsules
  32. Bristol-Myers Squibb Has Recalled Comtrex SOFTGELS
  33. Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Vicodin HP Tablets
  34. Pfizer Has Recalled Actifed Cold & Allergy
  35. The Harvard Drug Group Has Recalled Kaletra capsules
  36. Walsh Heartland Has Recalled Zyprexa Tablets
  37. Amaryl tablets (Glimepiride), 4 mg, 100 tablet blister pack, Rx Only
  38. American Pharmaceutical Partners Has Recalled Haloperidol Injection
  39. Lilly, Eli & Co. Has Recalled Prozac Capsules
  40. Organon Has Recalled Zemuron Injection
  41. D & K Healthcare Resources Has Recalled Zyprexa Tablets
  42. Southern Welding Has Recalled Oxygen
  43. American Pharmaceutical Partners Has Recalled M.T.E. - 6 Concentrated
  44. Leiner Health Products Has Recalled Non-Aspirin Sinus Gelcaps
  45. Nutramed Has Recalled Duradryl Jr. Capsules
  46. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Has Recalled Glucophage XR tablets
  47. Baxter Healthcare Anesthesia Has Recalled Sodium Nitroprusside Injection
  48. Morris Dickson Has Recalled Kaletra Capsules
  49. Aventis Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Tilade Inhaler
  50. Johnson & Johnson Merck Has Recalled Mylanta Antacid Anti-Gas
  51. Hoffmann La Roche Has Recalled Accutane Capsules
  52. Barr Laboratories Has Recalled Nortrel 7/7/7 Oral Contraceptive Tablets
  53. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Combipatch Transdermal System
  54. Schering Corp Has Recalled Celestone Soluspan Injectable
  55. King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levoxyl Tablets
  56. American Health Packaging Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  57. Abbott Labs Has Recalled BUPIVACAINE HCL and EPINEPHRINE
  58. Purdue Frederick Company Has Recalled Senokot-S Tablets
  59. Cardinal Health Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  60. Torrance, Co Has Recalled Injection Drugs
  61. Pfizer Has Recalled Children's Kaopectate
  62. Crown Laboratories Has Recalled Ray Block Sunscreen Lotion
  63. Local Repack Has Recalled LIPITOR Tablets
  64. Solvay Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled LITHOBID Tablets
  65. McKesson Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  66. Barr Laboratories Has Recalled Nortrel 7/7/7 28 Day Oral Contraceptive
  67. Viga or Viga for Women Tablets
  68. Morton Grove Has Recalled Mytussin AC Cough Syrup
  69. The Purdue Frederick Company Has Recalled Senokot Granules
  70. Robins Division of Wyeth Has Recalled Premarin and Premphase Tablets
  71. Tai Chien Has Recalled Ancom Tablets
  72. High Chemical Has Recalled Sarapin Injection
  73. Medtronic Has Recalled Lioresal Intrathecal Refill Kits
  74. Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Erythromycin
  75. Alpharma Purepac Has Recalled Bisoprolol Fumarate and Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets
  76. Albers Medical Distributors Has Recalled Lipitor
  77. Watson Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Methocarbamol Tablets
  78. Teva Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Enalapril Maleate Tablets
  79. Leiner Health Has Recalled Fiber Drugs
  80. Olympic Pharmacy & Healthcare Has Recalled Liquid Oxygen
  81. Purdue Frederic Has Recalled Senokot-S Tablets
  82. King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levoxyl Tablets
  83. Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Various Drugs(not in U.S)
  84. Forest Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levothroid Tablets
  85. Watson Diagnostics Has Recalled Nicotine Polacrilex Gum
  86. Best Life International Has Recalled Ancom tablets
  87. New England Compounding Center Has Recalled Betamethasone
  88. Watson Diagnostics Has Recalled Necon 0.5/35 Tablets
  89. Recall of Allegra Tablets
  90. Able Laboratories Has Recalled Carisoprodol Tablets
  91. Amerisource Health Services Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  92. Pharmacia Has Recalled Zyvox oral suspension
  93. Lilly, Eli & Co. Has Recalled GEMZAR
  94. Medisca Pharmaceutique Has Recalled Norfloxacin USP
  95. Lee Pharmacy Has Recalled Acetate Injection
  96. Lee Pharmacy Has Recalled Various Injections
  97. Lee Pharmacy Has Recalled Betamethasone SA-LA
  98. Ultra Health Laboratories And Bionate International Have Recalled Vinarol Tablets
  99. Hoffmann LaRoche Has Recalled Kytril Tablets
  100. Vintage Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Drituss GP Tablets
  101. Warner Chilcott Labs Has Recalled Doryx Capsules
  102. Eli Lilly and Company Has Recalled Strattera Capsules
  103. Fisher Scientific Group Has Recalled Oleic Acid
  104. Tyco Healthcare Has Recalled MD-Gastroview
  105. Alpharma Purepac Has Recalled Acyclovir Tablets & Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets
  106. IVAX Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Terazosin Hydrochloride Capsules
  107. SmithKline Beecham Has Recalled Lanoxin (digoxin) Elixir Pediatric
  108. Aaron Industries Has Recalled Antacid
  109. L. Perrigo Has Recalled Children's Pain Reliever(U.S. Canada and Poland)
  110. Novex Pharma Has Recalled Ophthalmic Solution
  111. AmeriSource Health Services Has Recalled Estrace Tablets
  112. Glaxo Smith Kline Has Recalled Nature's Remedy Tablets
  113. Tyco Healthcare Has Recalled Conray 43
  114. SmithKline Beecham Has Recalled AVODART Soft Gelatin Capsules
  115. Forest Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Thyrolar 1/4
  116. Robins, A.H./Division of American Home Products Has Recalled PREMARIN Tablets
  117. Schering-Plough Has Recalled Feen-A-Mint Tablets
  118. Tom's of Maine Has Recalled Natural Nasal Decongestant(12 & older)
  119. IVAX Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled ONXOL injection
  120. Eli Lilly Has Recalled GEMZAR for Injection
  121. Akorn Has Recalled Drugs
  122. Caremark Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Toprol-XL
  123. Tom's Of Maine Has Recalled Nasal Decongestant(2-6 years)
  124. Eli Lilly and Company Has Recalled Humalog Pen
  125. Andrx Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Diltia XT
  126. Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Laboratories Has Recalled Micardis Tablets
  127. Spectrum Laboratory Has Recalled Ketoprofen
  128. Navajo Manufacturing Has Recalled Motrin IB and DayQuil LiquiCaps
  129. Schwarz Pharma Has Recalled Codimal DM Syrup
  130. Serono Laboratories Has Recalled Gonal-F
  131. Re-Vita Manufacturing Has Recalled Berry Flavored Dietary Supplement labeled in part:
  132. Re-Vita Manufacturing Has Recalled Grape flavor Dietary Supplement labeled in part: '
  133. RSJ, Inc. Has Recalled Nature-Throid NT-2
  134. Pharmacia Corporation Has Recalled Caverject
  135. Schering Corp Has Recalled Drugs
  136. Eon Labs Manufacturing Has Recalled Nabumetone Tablets
  137. Robins, A.H./Division of American Home Products Has Recalled Premphase Tablets
  138. Astra Zeneca Has Recalled Pulmicort Turbuhaler
  139. Ivax Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Fluoxetine Capsules
  140. Novex Pharma Has Recalled Clemastine Fumarate Syrup
  141. A.H. Robins Has Recalled Premphase Tablets
  142. Bristol-Myers Squibb Has Recalled ESTRACE tablets
  143. Bristol-Myers Squibb Has Recalled MEGACE tablets
  144. Anti-hypertension Tablets Recalled
  145. McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Children's Tylenol
  146. Dixon Shane Has Recalled Natural Oyster Shell Calcium
  147. Pharmacia Corporation Has Recalled Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive Injection
  148. Novo Nordisk Has Recalled Novolin 70/30 InnoLet
  149. Qualis Has Recalled Pyrethrin Lice Treatment
  150. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  151. Eli Lilly Has Recalled Cefuroxime
  152. Great Southern Laboratories Has Recalled PRO-RED Syrup Antitussive, Nasal Decongestan
  153. Payless Wholesale Has Recalled Blood Glucose Test Strips
  154. Leiner Health Products Has Recalled Member's Mark ACETAMINOPHEN Caplets
  155. Fresenius Kabi Clayton Has Recalled Intralipid
  156. King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Liqui-Char
  157. Meridian Bioscience Has Recalled Premier HSV, an EIA Diagnostic Test Kit
  158. For the Health Providers, Nurses, Doctors and such
  159. International Specialty Products Has Recalled Plasdone K-29/32
  160. Vintage Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Select Brand®, Night-Time Adult Cold Medicine
  161. Alpharma Has Recalled Fluocinonide Cream
  162. Alpharma USHP Has Recalled Isosorbide Mononitrate
  163. Alpharma USPD Has Recalled Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream
  164. Pfizer Has Recalled Nardil Tablets
  165. AmeriSource Has Recalled Proventil and Theo-Dur
  166. Schering Has Recalled Various products
  167. GOJO Industries Has Recalled GOJO Skin Lotion
  168. King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Therevac
  169. Fresenius Kabi Has Recalled Intralipid 20%
  170. Nature's Way Has Recalled Nettle
  171. Schering Corp Has Recalled Clartin-D 12 Hour Tablets
  172. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Has Recalled Claritin-D 12 Hour
  173. Wyeth-Ayerst Has Recalled Premarin Tablets
  174. SKB Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Compazine tablets 5 mg (Prochloperazine)
  175. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Exelon Capsules
  176. Chester Labs Has Recalled Eye-Saver Concentrate
  177. Med-Mart Has Recalled Pharmacy compounded Inhalation solutions
  178. Herbal Dietary Supplement
  179. Gemzar (Gemcitabine HCl for Injection)
  180. Sodium Chloride Injection
  181. Microgestin Fe 1/20 Tablets
  182. Herbal Doctor Remedies Prostatin Formula #103, 500 mg capsules Recall Update
  183. Aloe Flex Enterprises recalls "Weider Eyedrops"
  184. American Laboratories Recalls Bulk Pepsin
  185. Health from the Sun Liquid Gold Flax oil
  186. Motion Sickness Tablets
  187. Hydrozyme tablets
  188. Treasure of the East brand Chinese Herbal products
  189. Micronase (Diabetes Drug)
  190. Fluocinolone Acetonide Ointment
  191. Lorazepam tablets
  192. Nutrapin AQ
  193. York Pharmaceuticals liquid antacid
  194. Roxane Laboratories Alupent & Metaproterenol Sulfate Inhalation Solution
  195. Eli Lilly and Co. Dynabac tablets
  196. Nittany Pharmaceuticals White with Blue Specks
  197. Nittany Pharmaceuticals Yellow Rocket Tablets
  198. Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals-Perphenazine tablets
  199. Cortizone 10 Plus
  200. Hawkins Chemical Inc. Chloroquine Phosphate Bulk Powder
  201. Perrigo Company 4 oz. bottles of cherry-flavored pain reliever
  202. Biotics Research Corp. Hydrozyme and HCL-Plus
  203. Abbott Laboratories-Re/Neph HP/HC & Re/Neph Free,HP/HC Renal Supplements
  204. Pacific Biologic Recalls Seven Herbal Products
  205. BioPharm brand T-Cuts (dietary supplement)
  206. Levothyroxine Sodium
  207. Q Tuss Tablets
  208. Oxycodone HCL/Acetaminophen
  209. MSM Eye drops and MSM Eyes & Nasal Drops
  210. Aspirin tablets
  211. Capzasin-HP Lotion
  212. Methocarbamol and aspirin tablets
  213. Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals-Phenytion Sodium