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  1. Wii™ Battery Recharge Stations Recalled by Griffin International Due to Burn and Fire
  2. Little Tikes™ Recalls Children’s Toy Workshop Sets and Trucks Due to Choking Hazard
  3. Lakeshore Learning Materials Recalls Children’s Toy Boxes Due to Choking Hazard
  4. Children's Necklaces, CD and MP3 Players Sold at Limited Too and Justice Stores Recal
  5. Hasbro Inc. Recalls to Repair Nerf Blasters; Child’s Skin Can Get Caught in Plunger o
  6. MEGA Brands Recalls Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. Pre-School Magnetic Toys; Ingested Mag
  7. Plan Toys Inc. Recalls Toy Penguins Due to Laceration Hazard
  8. Plush Rocker Toys Recalled By Tek Nek Toys Due to Fall Hazard
  9. Cinderella Battery-Powered Toy Cars Recalled by Dumar International USA Due to Fire a
  10. Laugh & Learn™ Kitchen Toys Recalled by Fisher-Price Due To Choking Hazard
  11. Spin Master Recalls Aqua Dots – Children Became Unconscious After Swallowing Beads
  12. Sears and Kmart Recall Play Stoves Due to Tip-over Hazard
  13. Cranium Cadoo Board Games Recalled Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
  14. Notice about aqua dots
  15. Fisher Price Recalls Go Diego Go Boat Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
  16. The Gymboree Corp. Recalls Toy Swords Due to Breakage and Laceration Hazard
  17. Fisher-Price Recalls Licensed Character Toys Due To Lead Poisoning Hazard
  18. New Easy-Bake Oven Recall Following Partial Finger Amputation; Consumers Urged to Ret
  19. Target Recalls Toy Barbeque Grills Due to Laceration Hazard
  20. Serious Intestinal Injury Prompts Kipp Brothers Recall of Mag Stix Magnetic Building
  21. Infantino Recalls Children’s Toy Castles Due to Choking Hazard
  22. RC2 Corp. is voluntarily recalling about 1.5 million Thomas & Friends Railway Toys
  23. Tri-Star International Recalls Children’s Toys Due to Choking Hazard
  24. Toy Drums Recalled by The Boyds Collection Ltd. Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
  25. Target Recalls Anima Bamboo Collection Games Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
  26. Battat Inc. Recalls Parents® Magazine Toy Cell Phones for Choking Hazard
  27. Small World Toys Recalls Children’s Take-Apart Townhouse Toys; Detached Magnets Pose
  28. OKK Trading Recalls Baby Dolls Due to Choking Hazard
  29. Target Recalls Activity Cart Toys Due to Choking Hazard
  30. Gemmy Industries Corp. Recalls Disney Plush Easter Baskets Sold at Wal-Mart Due to Ch
  31. Tri-Star International Recalls Children’s Stationery Sets Due to Laceration Hazard
  32. Toys “R” Us Recalls “Elite Operations” Toy Sets Due to Lead and Laceration Hazards
  33. Regent Products Corp. Recalls Stuffed Ball Toys Due to Lead Hazard
  34. Dynacraft Recalls Bicycles Sold Exclusively at Target Due to Frame Failure
  35. Fisher-Price Fined $975,000 for Failing to Report a Serious Choking Hazzard
  36. Discount School Supply Recalls Children’s Two-Sided Easels Due to Lead Poisoning Haza
  37. Fisher-Price Recalls “Laugh and Learn” Bunny Toys Due to Choking Hazard
  38. Sportcraft Recalls Inflatable Bounce Houses Due to Impact Injury Hazard
  39. Geometix International LLC Recalls MagneBlocks™ Toys, Ingested Magnets Pose Aspiratio
  40. Nintendo of America Initiates Replacement Program for Wrist Straps Used with Controll
  41. Remote-Control Helicopter Toys Recalled Due to Burn Hazard
  42. RC2 (Learning Curve, First Years) Recalls Toy Keys Due to Choking Hazard
  43. Enesco Group Inc. Recalls Heartwood Creek® Turtle Sprinklers for Laceration Hazard
  44. “Cars” Toy Chests Sold at Toys “R” Us Recalled by Delta Enterprise Due to Lead Poison
  45. Gund Inc. Recalls Woodles™ Activity Toys for Choking Hazard
  46. Remote-Control Helix Micro Helicopter Toys Recalled for Burn Hazard
  47. Target Recalls “Play Wonder” Puzzle Tables for Choking and Laceration Hazards
  48. Target Recalls Various Toys Due to Lead and Laceration Hazards
  49. Serious Injuries Prompt Recall of Mattel’s Polly Pocket Magnetic Play Sets
  50. LEGO Recalls Toy Trucks Due to Puncture Hazard to Young Children
  51. Playskool Voluntarily Recalls Toy Tool Benches after the Death of Two Toddlers
  52. LeapFrog Recalls to Repair Children’s Activity Centers Due to Arm Entrapment Hazard
  53. Children’s Cooking Sets with Glass Lids Recalled for Laceration Hazard
  54. Tiffany and Company Recalls Paloma Rattles for Aspiration, Laceration Hazards
  55. Small World Toys Recalls Toy Vehicles for Choking Hazard
  56. Adventure Playsets Recalls Swing Sets
  57. Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Child Carriers--recalled
  58. Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Toy Jewelry Recalled for Lead Poisoning Hazard
  59. BRIO's Pull-along Snails
  60. Children's Toy Jewelry Recalled Due to Aspiration Hazard
  61. The Little Tikes Co. Recalls Animal-Shaped Flashlights Containing Lead Paint Sold at
  62. Toy Mobile Phones Recalled for Choking Hazard
  63. Chicken Limbo Party Games Recalled After 23 Reports of Injuries
  64. Paintball Markers Recalled for Ejecting CO2 Cartridges, Hits Users
  65. CPSC Recalls "Gamer" Baseball Gloves
  66. CPSC Recalls Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Musical Toy Chair Posing Strangulation
  67. CPSC, Advantage Publishers Group Announce Recall of Children's Books
  68. CPSC, Maxim Enterprise Inc. Announces Recall of Mini Learning Cube Toy
  69. CPSC, Chuck E. Cheese's Announce Recall of Plastic Siren Whistles
  70. CPSC, Dorel Juvenile Group USA Announce Recall to Repair Battery Powered Ride-On
  71. CPSC, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Announce Recall of Certain AC Adaptors
  72. CPSC, Atico International USA, Inc. Announce Recall of Children's Arm Band Pool Float
  73. CPSC, World Wide Cycle Supply Inc. Announce Recall of Bicycles Sold at Toys "R" Us
  74. CPSC, American Greetings Corp. Announce Recall of Sesame Street Sunglasses
  75. CPSC, Walt Disney World Co. Announce Recall of Children's Red Sunglasses
  76. CPSC, Target Announce Recall of Back Trails Jr. Bicycle Helmets
  77. CPSC, Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Boxes
  78. CPSC, Almar Sales Co. Announce Recall of Children's Watches
  79. CPSC, Radio Flyer Inc. Announce Recall of Toddler Walker Wagon
  80. CPSC, Target Announce Recall of Children's Toy Trucks
  81. CPSC, Pokémon USA Announce Recall of Pokémon Plush Toys
  82. CPSC, Pottery Barn Kids Announce Recall of Toy Chests
  83. CPSC, FF Acquisition Wheeled Goods Corp. Announce Recall of Go-Karts
  84. CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Scooters and Mini Bikes
  85. CPSC, Razor USA Announce Recall of PowMax Battery Chargers Sold with Razor Scooter
  86. CPSC, Razor USA Announce Recall of Electric Scooters
  87. CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Pogo Sticks
  88. CPSC, Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Push Toys
  89. CPSC, MGA Entertainment Inc. Announce Recall of Bratz™ Stylin’ Scooters™
  90. CPSC, Baja Products Announce Recall of My First Crayon-Balls™ and My First Crayon-Ba
  91. CPSC, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Announce Recall of Karaoke Cassette Player/Recorders
  92. CPSC, Zebco Announce Recall of Children’s Fishing Poles
  93. CPSC, Ocean Desert Sales Inc. Announce Recall of Children’s Stuffed Yarn Bunnies
  94. CPSC and QSP, Inc., Announce Recall of Flying Saucer Toys
  95. CPSC, Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Announce Recall of Electronic Musical Toys
  96. CPSC, Kids Station Inc. Announce Recall of Children’s Musical Drum Sets Sold Exclusi
  97. CPSC, Jumpking Inc.® Announce Recall of Trampolines, Enclosures
  98. CPSC, New Star Toys & Gifts Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Cars
  99. CPSC, Dollar General Corp. Announce Recall of Dive Sticks
  100. Children’s Costume Bracelets
  101. Classic Sport Companies Inc. Announce Recall of Table Soccer Games
  102. Tai Tung International Recall Car and Washing Machine Toys
  103. My Easter Basket Book
  104. Snail Push Toys (Babies R Us)
  105. Swing-N-Slide Announce Recall of “Mega Rider” Swings
  106. Hasbro Inc. Announce Recall of NERF® Big Play Football™
  107. American Greetings Corp. Announce Recall of Crazy Bounce Balls
  108. Schylling Associates Inc. Announce Recall of Jack-In-the-Box-Type Toys
  109. Target Corporation Announce Recall of Multicolored Sidewalk Chalk
  110. Fisher-Price Announce Recall of Scooters and Mini Bikes
  111. BRIO® Corp. Announce Recall of Toy Drums
  112. Neurosmith Announce Recall of Children’s Plush Toys
  113. Simon & Schuster Announce Recall of Children's Books
  114. Swimways Corp. Announce Recall of Swim Trainers
  115. L.M. Becker & Co. Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Necklaces
  116. CDX Trading Inc. Announce Recall of Toy Jets
  117. Small World Toys Announce Recall of Children's Puzzle
  118. MagicCabin Announce Recall of Toy Trucks
  119. HearthSong Announce Recall of "Happyvillagers" Toy Sets
  120. Cervélo Cycles Inc. Announce Recall of Bicycle Forks
  121. Hedstrom Corp. Announce Recall of Trampolines
  122. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Announce Recall of Kids Sling Chair
  123. Recall of Toy Stacking Rings
  124. Publix Super Markets Has Recalled Chunkie Face Paints
  125. Recall of "Smatter" Spray Foam
  126. Small Small World Announce Recall of "Egg Dippers" Easter Plush Toys
  127. Creative Kids Inc. Announce Recall of Children's Art Supply Sets
  128. Swimways Has Recalled Pool Dive Sticks
  129. The Step2 Company Has Recalled Toy Drumsticks
  130. International Playthings Has Recalled Toy Vehicles
  131. Dynacraft Has Recalled BMX Bicycles
  132. Battat Has Recalled Drumsticks Sold with Toy Drum Sets
  133. Dollar Tree Stores Has Recalled Plush Bears and Snowman Dolls
  134. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Announce Recall of Woody Dolls
  135. CPSC, Random House, Inc. Announce Recall of Children's Board Book Sets
  136. CPSC, The Betesh Group Announce Recall of "Busy Bug" Plush Toys
  137. Playnation Play Systems Announce Recall of "Fun Buckets" on Backyard Play Sets
  138. Build-A-Bear Workshop Has Recalled "Founding Bear" Stuffed Bears
  139. DOLLS RECALLED Lovee Doll & Toy Co., Inc
  140. Pace Products Inc. Announce Recall of Children's Soap Making Kits
  141. Kmart Corp. Announce Recall of Wooden Toy Vehicles
  142. Zutano Inc. Announce Recall of Stuffed Bunny Toys
  143. Cotton Candy Machine
  144. FIRESTORMER and SKYBLAZER toy air-powered planes
  145. AIR POWERED ROCKETS (140,000) distributed by Estes Industries.
  146. Disney Store Announce Recall of Monsters, Inc. Character Plush Dolls
  147. Halo Burger Has Recalled Flashlights and Batteries Sold in Kids Meal
  148. Children's School Supply Sets
  149. Kidz Club flashlights
  150. Gen-X Sports Incorporated Announce Recall of Skateboard
  151. IKEA Has Recalled Stuffed Teddy Bears
  152. CPSC, McDonald's Corp. and Bobble Dreams USA Announce Recall of Chicago
  153. Team Beans LLC Announce Recall of "Bottle Cap Bear" Key Chains
  154. XL Machine Ltd. Announce Recall of Playskool Toy Chests Sold at
  155. Answer Products Inc. Announce Recall of Mountain Bicycles
  156. Marin Mountain Bikes Announce Recall of Mountain Bikes
  157. Cannondale Corp. Announce Recall of Bicycles With Defective Stems
  158. Pottery Barn Kids Announce Recall of Wooden Clacker and Ride-On Toys
  159. Radio Flyer Recall on Toy Car
  160. Small World Toys Announce Recall of Sorter Toys
  161. Lauri(r) Inc. Announce Recall of Toddler Activity Sets and Puzzles
  162. Small World Toys Announce Recall of Snail
  163. Radio Flyer Has Recalled Ride-On Push Cars
  164. Spin Master Toys Announce Recall of Firestormer and Skyblazer Toy Planes
  165. Lifetime Products and Escalade Sports Have Recalled Portable Basketball Hoops
  166. Rose Art Announce Recall of Children's Soap Making Kit
  167. Alpha International Has Recalled Pedal Cars
  168. Disney Children's Book Group, LLC Has Recalled Children's Book
  169. Kent International Inc. has recalled about 28,000 "Midget Racer" mini-bicycles
  170. Scuba Diving Devices Recalled
  171. Climbing Sticks and Tree Steps
  172. Curious George toys
  173. Little Tikes Lobster toy attached to Stationary Entertainer
  174. Profile-Design Recalls Bicycle "Aero Bars"
  175. Toy Direct Recalls Zapper Toys
  176. KB Gear Recalls Computer Mouse Sets
  177. Raleigh bicycles
  178. Polaris ATV's
  179. JA-RU Blast Balls
  180. Ally Cat tandem Bicycle accessories
  181. Recumbent Tandem Bicycle
  182. Bicycle Rims
  183. Children's Board Books
  184. Disney Store--The Little Mermaid costumes
  185. Toy Box
  186. Wysco Inc. "Runt"T Mini-Bicycles
  187. Salsa Cycles bicycle rims
  188. John Deere Kids Toolboxes
  189. World Industries skateboard helments
  190. STK International children's toys
  191. Dollhouse bathroom furniture
  192. BikeE Corp. suspension forks
  193. Home Playgrounds
  194. Burger King "Hourglass Space Sprout" & "Look for Me Bubblebee" toddler toys
  195. Acetrike Bicycle Co. recalling children's sidewalk bicycles
  196. Bike Handlebars & Bar Ends-Supego Corp.
  197. Magura Bicycle Brakes
  198. Cannondale "Carbon Left" Suspension Forks
  199. Specialized Bicycles Hemi 12-in Childrens Bike
  200. RANS Bicycle
  201. Preteus paint ball masks
  202. Raymond Geddes Velcro wallets
  203. Toy Kittens
  204. Educational Kits
  205. Toy Feeding Sets