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  1. Update - probably going to be long and boring, but whats new
  2. HELP, taking classes? where to start??
  3. He walked out in the middle of the night and into rehab
  4. he came home
  5. quick update
  6. I would update my journal
  7. we made it thru another extreme fire day
  8. In 1.5 hrs my 'babies' will be 17years old
  9. fires contained, looking good until friday
  10. Fires have flared up again only 20k away now
  11. It's 9am and in the good ole days
  12. Facebook and why I'm so lucky
  13. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
  14. Help me, push me, nag me today
  15. What the dr said about the pain in my shoulder
  16. My children are so scared of me
  17. the 5th Dec o8
  18. 4th Dec 08, what I have to do today
  19. Here it is, saterday already.
  20. Medical tests tomorrow
  21. Back from the dr's
  22. Here we go again, infected toe.
  23. OK I've been online an awful lot this week
  24. All by myself, don't want be ..
  25. Poor Des, it started so well and then .....
  26. Hospital stays, drug allergy's aarrrggghhhhh
  27. I quit my job!!
  28. I thought of you today
  29. I'm on holiday nanananananananana
  30. Update on my friend Jenny
  31. Prayers needed for my friend Jenny
  32. Can't play tonight, good reason tho
  33. this has been fun
  34. 5 days later and I can drive!!
  35. Black and blue toes are A OK
  36. Health problems update, fractured ankle
  37. yet another hospital stay
  38. Hair straighteners: Need advice
  39. I didn't break my butt
  40. Chairs on wheels can be a real pain in the a...
  41. Greg goes to court tomorrow, please pray for him
  42. OK Mums, I need help/advice
  43. OMG I'm now officially in shock
  44. The last few weeks...(grab a coffee & s/wich)
  45. I see you...
  46. Thinking of you
  47. Have to find a new job, Des in hospital
  48. Friend of 32 yrs coming to visit :grin:
  49. Greg's case and stuff
  50. Des needs some Celiac info
  51. Greg's Verdict
  52. Des is coming home tomorrow
  53. I'm feeling much better now
  54. FIL died and Greg may go to prison
  55. We did the easter egg hunt
  56. Easter Egg hunt dilemma
  57. I'm still here (occasionally, very, very, occasionally)
  58. I See You!
  59. welcome to the Klutz household
  60. Boys leaving school, site has been sold
  61. Rick and Tk will be home in 32 hours
  62. Gregs bday and my NZ holiday
  63. Greg is now 21 and I'm back in Australia
  64. Ater 10.5 yrs I just heard from a dear friend
  65. I see you peekaboo!
  66. Hos. Admin letter notes
  67. Car accident
  68. Where are you Maree?
  69. I need a hug
  70. Why I was so upset yesterday
  71. .....
  72. Enough is Enough, now Des has had an accident
  73. Very eventful few days, accident, drunkenness, threats,rather long, as usual :D
  74. I'm really going now, I just wanted to
  75. Good luck my friends, and good night
  76. Feeling any better?
  77. I'm sick, I want my Mummy :(
  78. Would YOU have let him go???
  79. First day at the new job
  80. New job starts in 12 hours,
  81. MySpace freaks hit again
  82. Forgot, the owner of the company came by
  83. Tomorrow is my last day :(, :)
  84. 4 more days to go
  85. Burger King mixed up our order
  86. Another reason why guys shouldn't drink
  87. So how did it go?
  88. I'm back!!! BabyU pray power works again
  89. Interview in 9 hrs, so my turn to ask for good wishes :D
  90. I took your advice - I have a job interview friday
  91. Hey!!
  92. I never thought I would feel suicidal again but ...
  93. Our Easter Egg hunt, I laughed so much
  94. Tk says the funniest things but this was the best one yet
  95. Ladies, type faster!!!! It is 4:30am and I can't...
  96. 8th april 06 - changes at work, etc
  97. Lots of changes at work
  98. Teething woes, my baby is cutting 4 teeth at once
  99. Still not well, but at least I got in to see the dr
  100. Rick shaved for the first time today
  101. At work, not smoking, going nuts
  102. Now what is Tony doing???
  103. Great news about Tony
  104. back to work - update
  105. Looks like I have to go back to work next week
  106. I'm back from the clinic :D
  107. Having the gastroscopy in an hour and a half
  108. Have you ever thought you were late and .....
  109. Hey Karen and Lenora
  110. Has any body tried Zyban -anti smoking pills??
  111. Thank you Maree...
  112. To do list - 7th Feb 06
  113. OMG! You'll never believe it!
  114. What I've done today list (boring chore list)
  115. Generic explanation for all my edits
  116. Major life update (I think it's gonna be a long one)
  117. TK and I did some baking
  118. Oh Maree!
  119. I'm home from hospital
  120. This is scary (good scary), I need your good wishes
  121. The Deck should be finished and stained this arvo
  122. Rick's going on his first 'shopping date' I think
  123. Our Xmas dinner (Des you can read this one)
  124. It's Xmas Day, and life update
  125. Going to have to give up on Greg tonight
  126. Need some advice - swollen feet and legs
  127. Sunday 4th Dec
  128. Hey Sis you forgot something
  129. In 10 hrs I will be back at work
  130. We bought a massage table
  131. It's official, my deck is now underway
  132. Woo Hoo I feel good!!
  133. I hurt today
  134. Off to get 'beautified"
  135. Yipee!!!!!!!!! I've got TWO whole weeks off
  136. Got to take Rick to the hospital
  137. I did something I hoped I'd never have to do
  138. Greg called, this weeks news just keeps getting better
  139. News, Good, Better, Best
  140. Hard drive died at work
  141. Hey Maree
  142. Bad news ladies, I'm baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Aren't you unpacked YET?
  144. Good bye my friends. It's time to go
  145. Will be offline for a while, from the 18th
  146. It's official, we get the keys on the 21st Aug
  147. Gotta take the bad with the good, but it's gonna be really bad
  148. He rang us back
  149. expecting THE phone call tonight *cross your fingers*
  150. Quick undate - Yes I can do quick
  151. We applied for finance last night
  152. Good news about the lump on my breast
  153. I am so very tired, does anyone else get like this
  154. Wanna see pic's of my maybe new house
  155. They sold our house to someone else but
  156. House hunting again
  157. I fired his arse, but I'm not having mood swings
  158. talked to the Dr for 30 minutes
  159. It's been 4 weeks, plus life in general
  160. Got to see a man about a house tomorrow
  161. After 10.5 weeks, AF sent her lil' doggie
  162. How the non smoking is going
  163. I'm proud of you!
  164. We got approval for our house loan
  165. Stomach bug, sick as a dog
  166. I am so miserable
  167. Hey woman!
  168. Oh flipping, bleeding heck
  169. Back to the chain gang tomorrow
  170. Oh yeah and another thing, AF appears
  171. Catching up with Donna
  172. I'm baaaack, don't be afraid, be.........
  173. Someone just tried to rob my servo
  174. My passport has arrived
  175. I have my ticket and it cost less....
  176. Wonders will never cease
  177. Excuse me ladies I just need to
  178. Guess how I'm feeling today
  179. Nite nite
  180. Who else has been drinking???
  181. Greg is going back to NZ, for good
  182. You know Maree...
  183. I'm 40 now, and other dramas over time.
  184. Moral Dilema, what would you do??
  185. Don't worry, we are all fine
  186. Hi
  187. I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on my head
  188. Happy Holidays Maree!
  189. Oh yeah, and another thing (the raise!!)
  190. 24th Dec o04
  191. The verdict is in on the job front
  192. Trees up
  193. Saterday, 11th Dec.
  194. My life, if anyone remembers who I am?
  195. How can you lose 2 dress sizes and gain
  196. I don't think I can do this
  197. Speaking of Des and Greg, would you be annoyed??
  198. Greg bought Des a bumper sticker too
  199. Secret update: My dragon has....
  200. Greg bought me a bumper sticker today
  201. Thanks for your prayers, but sad news.
  202. Time to fess up Maree
  203. Finally figured out what to get the kids
  204. You are not going to believe what I did
  205. A fine day in Oz
  206. Hey Maree! I learned something today!
  207. I'm on a winning streak
  208. I'm having a sad day
  209. Our neighbour just gave us a .....
  210. Now I really feel loved
  211. This week (OK I mean last week)
  212. So who still knows me????
  213. New house? and work is at it again
  214. May be moving, and the last week or so
  215. Found out why I had a headache
  216. Yes I have!
  217. Headache update and stuff
  218. My head wants to fall off
  219. Do you need a hug?
  220. Why we love Marie...
  221. My boring life
  222. Any of these shots near you ?
  223. Car, cash bonus, Greg, life the universe and everything
  224. What the??? Have they resold my new car
  225. Maree Did You Know!
  226. Oops I did it again
  227. Woman! Your mailbox is full!
  228. PSSST Lady Knight.......
  229. Fly report
  230. Des is going to get such a suprise
  231. I did it, I'm still at home :D
  232. I have to get up in 3 hours so ...........
  233. Don't know what is going to happen tomorrow
  234. So......I'm taking a week off instead
  235. So I'm a wus, but I'm taking tomorrow off
  236. Trying to update, but I think I left it too long
  237. You ladies are a bad influence on me
  238. So.........Did ya miss me
  239. Long time, no see
  240. Inquiring minds wanna know ...
  241. How did it go?
  242. Help I'm having a panic attack
  243. Went to the Dr today
  244. My "I got it done list"
  245. 01 August 2004 - Busy, busy,busy
  246. I've already got Greg a job
  247. Baby boy is going to be premature
  248. And more good news
  249. I'm Expecting A Baby Boy
  250. Hugs for Maree