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  1. It's been 4 years....
  2. Thinking about my mother
  3. Mental and Emotional Abuse
  4. How long am I supposed to wait?
  5. No more fear
  6. For future reference...
  7. Update on my Bro. and SIL
  8. Scared to go back on Zoloft, scared not to
  9. History repeats itself...
  10. Betrayed???
  11. Going to wait
  12. Negosiations
  13. Blue Ribbon Against Child Abuse
  14. Intense conversation with my cousin....
  15. Update on Mom and what she is doing...
  16. Always a victim?
  17. Mother update
  18. Dealing with alcoholic family members
  19. Update on mom and step dad situation
  20. Watching my neice again.
  21. DH went to the therapist last night
  22. Been a bad week
  23. Had a long talk with Mom on Friday
  24. Feeling sorry for myself...
  25. An admission sort of?
  26. Well It's done
  27. Counselor appointment tonight
  28. I just don't know what to do
  29. Just talked to Dorothy
  30. Didn't get to talk to Dorothy last night
  31. First step taken and plans are in the process
  32. Taking a good hard look at myself
  33. Social service call.
  34. Survivor question
  35. I don't know what to do anymore
  36. Situation...
  37. A real "survivor" in the news
  38. Do you or do you know someone that is self harms/self injury
  39. Alcholic information needed...
  40. Check in for the month of July
  41. Excessive worry
  42. Facing my dad....
  43. How did you find your counsellor?
  44. Surviving Abuse Guidelines
  45. How can you help a person in need from abuse?
  46. Part 2 of the Tosser who force feeds
  47. Revenge
  48. Healing Part three: To forget
  49. Does anyone here class this as abuse?
  50. Top Ten Reasons to Call for Help
  51. Healing Part two
  52. Healing Part one. Has your perpetrator(s) acknowledge the abuse?
  53. Steps For Surviving Abuse
  54. When will I be ok?
  55. Recent MJ article
  56. Worried about Breeze
  57. Memories
  58. How is everyone doing?
  59. I'm just wondering................
  60. Do You Find It Hard To Still Trust Others?
  61. See why I am afraid of them!
  62. Cause for alarm?
  63. List Of Warning Signs Helps Woman Recognize Abuser
  64. CHeck is everyone
  65. What will happen?
  66. I am not sure what to do I need some help
  67. Alcoholics in the family
  68. Again Today...
  69. This is without a doubt abuse
  70. Not legally abuse, but it bothers me
  71. Survivor check in
  72. My mom is a major part of my problems...
  73. I talked to the superintendent today...................
  74. Is this Abuse??????????
  75. OMG! This is so my mom!
  76. Abusive ex- is interfering with new relationship
  77. June Check in
  78. I got a call from a detective...
  79. Are you a survivor???
  80. May check in
  81. Seven Signs You're In A Verbally Abusive Relationship
  82. Oprah show on Domestic Abuse
  83. March Check In (Permisson from Michele)
  84. Okay question to you girls, that do not talk to parents?
  85. I'm curious, hope I don't seem too nosy, but...
  86. Blow out with my Dad
  87. After shocks?
  88. survivor check in
  89. Survivor speaks out about child abuse for those who cannot
  90. Flashbacks
  91. Lifejewel on THE HEART
  92. Per Nicci's request "Crucify" by Tori
  93. Another song
  94. Ever heard "Silent all these years?"
  95. remaking the holidays
  96. sad situation
  97. Prefectionist?
  98. Women's Human Rights
  99. Stories of Abuse Survivors from CWT
  100. Thoughts...(answer these questions)
  101. What do you say to someone who is suicidal?
  102. Mother's plea
  103. For the family and friends of abuse survivors
  104. Finally did it
  105. Venting (watch out!)
  106. Note for all members....
  107. Have any of you ever.......
  108. Welcoming Our Wounded Selves
  109. Just waiting around....
  110. I'm back!
  111. Very Suspicious that there is abuse involved by EX
  112. Lenora just got me thinking......
  113. extremely upset - OMG!!!!!!!!!
  114. Thinking
  115. Ideas For Using Affirmations
  116. Why people stay in abusive relationships
  117. Affirmations on coping
  118. Do you ever worry that when your child is an adult...
  119. Save Your Family From Danger!
  120. Seven Steps to Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Your Life
  121. Self Esteem Affirmations
  122. Does your mate belittle you in public?
  123. The Truth about Threats
  124. Do you think there has been a decline or increase in Domestic abuse?
  125. Bad memories
  126. Important Baby U Surviving Abuse threads
  127. Survivor Challenge: Doing something nice for yourself!
  128. Need advice, please
  129. What do you when..
  130. APRIL Support are you doing this month?
  131. 3 strategies to deal with difficult spouse
  132. PBS airs "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" Tues/Wed. March 18-19th
  133. Domestic Abuse: 9 Things You Can do to Help a Friend in Need
  134. Affirmations For Self Esteem
  135. Tips and Advice for Self defense
  136. need advice for a friend
  137. When your parents were abusive
  138. When your parents were abusive...
  139. There are 4 types of Child Abuse
  140. National focus needed on horror of child abuse
  141. Is this abuse?
  142. Information About Sexual Assault
  143. Domestic violence a TV hit in China
  144. New program helps those who take in abused children
  145. Your Rights As A Person
  146. Normal childhood???
  147. Some Thoughts on Self-Esteem and Emotional Abuse
  148. HARSH WORDS can do more than hurt your child's feelings...
  149. SURVIVING: Challenging normality and breaking the silence
  150. Work Abuse: Harrassment, rude remarks/put downs, and assaults
  151. "A Prayer With a Wish"
  152. Ever heard the song
  153. Psychological abuse will harm your health
  154. Something I read today...
  155. Child Abuse Monument
  156. Nat'l Center for Missing Children:Help find missing children while you are online
  157. Domestic Violence Statistics
  158. QUIZ: How much do you know about Domestic Violence
  159. The Power of Saying, "No"
  160. Don't know how to take this
  161. I don't want to talk to I right?
  162. Spanking and beating: Is there a difference?
  163. DEPRESSION: A common occurrence in the life of an abused person
  164. Violence at home: Teen girls 3 to 6 times more likely to have risky sex
  165. Ritual abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, any extreme abuse can produce this...
  166. Realization for me and another URL for You
  167. Tracking Legislation on Domestic Violence ONLINE!
  168. LINKS on Domestic Violence, Surviving Abuse and Child Abuse
  169. Protecting Our Children: Child Sexual Abuse
  170. Is name-calling verbal abuse?
  171. For all the abuse children out there
  172. I don't get it
  173. In honor of domestic violence awareness
  174. National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Activities
  175. October 1st Day of Unity/ October is Domestic Awareness Month
  176. 5 Characteristics of Domestic Violence
  177. Does Alcohol cause Domestic Violence?
  178. Gift From Within
  179. Upset by Mom's advise
  180. The Wooden Bowl
  181. I don't want to be an abuser!
  182. I need to post now
  183. UMMM, read a it me?
  184. What has helped you heal??
  185. Welcome Alison
  186. Would you tell
  187. When Women Abuse Men
  188. New Site That Might Be of Interest
  189. IN THE NEWS: San Antonio Man gets 40 years for AIDS rapes
  190. Women's Safety
  191. You may not be thinking of this now but what about when you grow old?
  192. Children and Verbal Abuse
  193. Verbal Abuse Information
  194. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  195. NO affection is it abuse??
  196. This could go into many of our forums here
  197. 55 yr jail term for leader of rape gang
  198. The "shame" of rape
  199. Court orders are effective in protecting battered women
  200. Domestic Violence: What can I do to be safe?(includes escape plan)
  201. The Cycle of Domestic Violence
  202. How is everyone
  203. Domestic Violence Information..Why women stay
  204. Thought we could all use this "Hold Your Head High"
  205. Relating to Rape Survivors
  206. Sexual Child Abuse: IMPORTANT*** Information for parents!
  207. Sexual Child Abuse: For younger brothers and sisters (includes link)
  208. Protecting Children: Helpful Rules to Keep Young People Safe
  209. Some Myths And Facts About Child Sexual Abuse
  210. What Should I Do If I Think A Child Has Been Sexually Assaulted?
  211. Sexual Child Abuse: What every Parent should know!
  212. I need your help, please read this!!
  213. State and Counties/Cities Sex Offender Registry Links
  214. Parent Child Abduction is is Child Abuse
  215. Is Your Child Being Sexually Assaulted? How do you Know?
  216. For those of you on the Road to Recovery...
  217. Dealing with Threats
  218. Denial: The glue that holds the dissociation in place
  219. About Ritual Abuse (includes link)
  220. God's word about Marriage and Abuse in the Bible
  221. "I want to say something..."
  222. What would you do if you saw...
  223. Living in Fear: One woman's story about Child Abuse
  224. Remember about talking about Loneliness
  225. I gotta know what someone else thinks
  226. I'm new here and in desperate need of some advice (long)
  227. Just For Today
  228. Cold Shoulder
  229. DH threating to take girls.
  230. Mood Swings
  231. too scared to look and touch
  232. Dreams
  233. Why some of us stay with the abuser
  234. Verbal abuse
  235. Doing on to others
  236. Why Child Abuse Occurs & the common criminal background of the abuser.(includes link)
  237. Songs
  238. Information for Children
  239. Links for Abused Women in Canada
  240. I'm so confused!
  241. Newsflash: House Passes Welfare Bill That Could Harm Victims of Abuse
  242. Links to Resources Throughout the World
  243. members check in...What have you been up too?
  244. Employers May Face Liability When Domestic Violence Comes to Work
  245. When Domestic Violence Comes To Work. What's your opinion?
  246. Hiding in the closet no more...
  247. Martina McBride - Independence Day
  248. Martina McBride - A Broken Wing
  249. Spoke to the Detective today~good news!!!
  250. How An Abuser Can Discover Your Internet Activities