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  1. Just life
  2. Going to Vegas, baby!
  3. Happy Valentines day!
  4. Had a dream about you last night
  5. Yay me!
  6. Photo shoot today...part 1
  7. Why why why?????
  8. Yep, its that time of the year again...
  9. Hey, are you ever gonna.....
  10. Glad I stuck with it...
  11. Jeeeeeeze
  12. My Lord, Cori is now 13...
  13. Christmas eve...already!
  14. Maci broke her arm.....again...
  15. I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!
  16. Life as we know it....
  17. Doing great!
  18. Had to take Maci to the ER last night
  19. Man, that was hard!
  20. Happy Cinco!
  21. Happy 4th Birthday Macy!
  22. Oh do I get myself into these situations?
  23. The super exciting adventures of.....ME!
  24. What a freakin' day....
  25. Feb 27...blah blah blah
  26. Well now that did not work out too well.....
  27. La deeeee da.....
  28. You know what's really wierd?
  29. Oh Jen.........
  30. Thanksgiving, Balck Friday, and all that crap...
  31. Jennifer Lynn!!!!!!
  32. It is legal and official!!!
  33. The celebration has begun!!!
  34. Hello!!
  35. Ahhhhhh
  36. I am getting the hang of this....
  37. Awwwwwwww
  38. Started off bad but ended GREAT!
  39. Ahhhhhhhhh
  40. Life is grand!
  41. Gee....thanks ALOT
  42. For you
  43. Boy, I'm a freak you shouldn't say thOse things....
  44. Hey ...
  45. Krista....question for you!!!
  46. You know what you got?
  47. At least I am not driving
  48. Yay Yay Freakin Yay!!
  49. O M G!!!!
  50. Know whats GREAT?
  51. Court this morning
  52. I feel like my *old* self again
  53. Jen Jen Jen Jen Jen
  54. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.....
  55. Update on my life
  56. I want to wish you a special Mother's Day today....
  57. hehehehehe
  58. Keep your fingers crossed.....
  59. Dear Lord Jen, are you at it again?
  60. Today was a good day
  61. Busy busy busy
  62. What a wonderful Easter!
  63. Just because I have big fake ****, bleach blonde hair and a Southern accent....
  64. Watch em wiggle....see em jiggle.......
  65. Oh Jen!
  66. Omg Omg Omg
  67. Hey Jen, is that YOU?
  68. Saw this tee....thought of you!
  69. Jen, Emily and Payton are in the tub right now and what do I hear....???
  70. If you don't call me tonight....
  71. Shoe question for the Shoe expert!!!
  72. C'mon gal...
  73. Surgery is today....
  74. Good luck tomorrow !
  75. Boobies! Boobies!!!
  76. Jen, HELP!
  77. Hey Jen!!!!! Guess WHAT!?!!!
  78. It is almost CHRISTMAS??
  79. Well, I broke down
  80. I quit
  81. Jen, these have your name written all over them
  82. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!!
  83. What a great day!
  84. You think you're SO slick...
  85. Hey old fart....
  86. Just for you, you wh*re....
  87. My brother is heading for New Orleans
  88. Horrible times
  89. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!
  90. It's a new day!
  91. You have GOT to be kidding me! I cannot believe it!
  92. Made a decision on the new job
  93. OK, since I know you won't check your PMs
  94. OK, I'm getting REALLY worried about you!
  95. Mom... Look at that picture.
  96. Remember the Gwen Steffani MP3 player?
  97. Here's a purse for ya
  98. I give !
  99. I'm so sorry to report the death of
  100. Please please please
  101. If not for bad luck.....
  102. Finally!
  103. How freakin' wonderful!
  104. If you do not see me for a while, could you PLEASE
  105. Wanted you to know...
  106. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  107. We are moving!!!
  108. I've been doing some shopping for you....
  109. OMG! I am actually LEGAL!!!!
  110. Hey Jen, here's a quick pick me up for ya!
  111. Wahhhhh!!! Come on into my pity party
  112. Went to the Urgent Care clinic today
  113. Hey ding dong
  114. Sorry....
  115. Guess what email *I* got today...
  116. you REMEMBER WHEN..
  117. *uummm hummmm* (clearing my throat)
  118. OMGosh! It is TOMORROW!
  119. Love It!!
  120. Guess what I got in the mail today....
  121. JenS new nickname.....
  122. UUUGGGG......I SO hope they're wrong!
  123. But Occifer, I only had 1 beer about 4 hours ago....
  124. Maci is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. Well, are you packed yet?
  126. Thank you so much Jen!
  127. I feel for ya, I really do
  128. Where are you?
  129. Well Happy Anniversary to us....
  130. Long, yucky weekend
  131. Jennifer Stump! "With that other Person"?!?!?!?!
  132. Great idea, Jen!
  133. Love your siggy
  134. Guess who came to my house???
  135. Results from Dr Appt
  136. How did it go at the doctors?
  137. Dr appt tomorrow
  138. What a week!!!
  139. Jen, thought you would appriciate this!
  140. Dear God, Jen....
  141. Oh JEN!
  142. Talked to the Dr
  143. Why? Why?? Why?????????
  144. Oh Jen... Time to start thinking about birthdays again
  145. Hey Jen......
  146. You diet saboteur......
  147. hey
  148. How's Maci's eye today???
  149. For you and Krista
  150. Hey loser, empty your PM box!
  151. Tonight will be fun!
  152. Jen is back, Jen is back, Jen is back!!!!
  153. Happy Holidays Jen!
  154. My uncle died
  155. Now I hafta get sappy on your butt too!
  156. And the winner is.....
  157. Guess what Jason wore to work today? OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
  158. Feel any better?
  159. 1 wreck, 1 near wreck, a house sold and a shocking marriage!
  160. How is your migraine?
  161. Hey JenS!!!!
  162. Hey JenS, ya big loser, where are you????
  163. PSST..Hey, you.....want to read a good article?
  164. The perfect pattern for your costume overalls
  165. Thank You.....he LOVED it
  166. How was Hailey's bday?
  167. Know what is boring?
  168. Take mine too! Take mine too!!
  169. I think I am going to cry
  170. About those midnight calls Kate and Maci have been making...
  171. Oh Jen~~I thought of you tonight...
  172. All your fault!!!
  173. I Hate......
  174. How is Maci's arm?
  175. Cross your fingers for Maci
  176. Oh, HE!! NO!!!
  177. Hey girl...
  178. I want you to know...
  179. Dahling, we need to discuss headbands...
  180. Why we love Jen...
  181. Well, Preggie buddy...
  182. They're closed this year!
  183. Hey Jen..
  184. :(
  185. HEY! I am all ready to go in my BFF necklace and camouflage pants
  186. Bff=d O R K S
  187. Ya must've been out partying
  188. Happy 30th Birthday Jen!
  189. Casino, IHOP, motel, Starbucks, Target, Lowes & more Starbucks
  190. My Gymbo Damage
  191. Hey Jen, I'll show you mine if you show me yours....
  192. Weight Watchers Update
  193. 181...oh No.....182
  194. And you thought YOU had shoes !
  195. No more cast!!!
  196. Doctors, docotors, doctors
  197. Gimmie Jen Back!
  198. Attention! Attention! **** is now frozen!!
  199. I so do not wanna go
  200. Thats Right Jen... Where in IL will you be in case you need to be rescued?
  201. Hostess with the mostess
  202. About the accident
  203. I do not know what to do
  204. Death in the family
  205. JenS!!! Did you find them?
  206. I found the PERFECT replacement shoes
  207. More X rays tomorrow
  208. How's Miss Maci?
  209. Yet ANOTHER ER trip
  210. Off to the specialist
  211. A really, really, really bad night
  212. Oh JEN...
  213. So, tell us.....
  214. Watch out!!!!
  215. Hey--go Check It!
  216. I did not go overboard, did I?
  217. My Coach addiction begins...
  218. My Christmas list 2004
  219. I was just wondering...
  220. Did you get it?
  221. I didn't know where to post this but I just HAD to tell!!
  222. Just a quick THANKS
  223. Hey Jen
  224. Ok, so I am guilty (Sat night recap)
  225. Sooo????
  226. Steph is back in the hospital
  227. Steph saw a specialist yesterday
  228. Back from MS
  229. Post Op Dr appt was this morning
  230. I had a dream about you and Jason
  231. How are you hon?
  232. I am sitting in his office til he MAKES time for me!
  233. LEEP results are in
  234. Quick update
  235. Thinking about you
  236. Not feeling too great
  237. I couldn't resist...
  238. Surgery date is set
  239. Why is it?
  240. Here is what the dr said
  241. Got ahold of the Dr office
  242. Patience is a virtue that I have very little of...
  243. Do you like Pina Coladas?
  244. I have the GREATEST friends!
  245. JenS, since you are both on line...
  246. Fun and busy Saturday! And I SOOOOO cheated..
  247. Maci's 12 month check up
  248. You've Been Caught!
  249. Figures...
  250. Did Maci ....