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  1. Ibs?
  2. Incision opening
  3. Safe OTC Meds for a 2 year old
  4. Baffled by abdominal pain
  5. Hives?
  6. Kim. I'm baaack. My eyes this time
  7. chicken pox?
  8. Stomach stuff help
  9. Too much sleep
  10. bleeding gums and teething?
  11. How to cope with unrelenting pain
  12. How do you get your energy back after illness?
  13. Can "appendicitus(?) go away after 3 very painful days??
  14. Icing a sprain ???
  15. High fever and now a rash?
  16. Bee sting ?
  17. Ibuprofen
  18. Lactose Intolerance?
  19. stubborn stye
  20. Birthmark just showing up???
  21. Allergic reaction: To Tequila?
  22. Am I pregnant?
  23. fractured ankle, toes and side of foot black
  24. Medical Alert Jewelry Recommendation
  25. OUch I dont' know what I did
  26. Kimmer! Please read
  27. Liver function and how to control it
  28. Should I take him to the doctor?
  29. How do I tell?
  30. Do I take him to the doc?
  31. Help... Britt has a rash
  32. Dosing question
  33. What could cause this?
  34. What should I do?
  35. Feeling of motion sickness and nausea
  36. Keep Unused Meds Out of the Wrong Hands
  37. stye? or infection?
  38. Recommendation on a BP monitor?
  39. chicken pox vaccine?
  40. Waking up every day
  41. Persistant Swollen Glands
  42. Could this be a yeast allergy?
  43. My arm feels weird...
  44. Melatonin
  45. Unexplained bruising?
  46. Respiratory infection and chest pain
  47. What could these sores be?
  48. I have half and Angelina Jolie lip!!
  49. Waking up dizzy
  50. yucky
  51. Antibiotics and dairy products
  52. Heavy Period? How much is too much?
  53. Hernia?
  54. Period issues
  55. Help! Dh hurt his back really bad
  56. Help, Kinda freaking here!
  57. Bleeding
  58. How long until I should see a doctor?
  59. Help Kimmer!!! BF Mom and breast pain
  60. What did I do to my back???
  61. Yet another question.. I'm sorry..
  62. What kind of doctor should I contact?
  63. Super Sore Breasts...???
  64. When do I need to really start to worry?
  65. Adults running a fever
  66. Leg injury
  67. IGE level test
  68. Do you think this was leg cramps or part of the virus?
  69. Kimmer! Help, PJ has a fractured arm!
  70. Rondec
  71. need some congestion help!
  72. Still producing milk after three months of complete weaning???!!!!
  73. Bronchitis
  74. Sliver help
  75. Who should I see?
  76. Will has a rash
  77. What is it??
  78. Hemorraging of the eye?
  79. Yucky rash with swollen ankles....ANYONE?
  80. I think Brenna scratched her eye
  81. Prolactin test results
  82. Is it possible?
  83. Uggggg ANOTHER UTI
  84. Burn Treatment
  85. Oh Shari
  86. Bladder infection?
  87. Pink Eye
  88. Inhaler dosage question
  89. One of our nurses.. please help.
  90. Sore Throat with
  91. why does this do this?
  92. Molluscom Contagiosum
  93. Bloody noses??
  94. Brenna's skin problems...
  95. Still having stomach problems, what the????
  96. Thick/creamy/solid urine??? 11mnth boy
  97. Can allegies cause you to get sick?
  98. Pneumonia question
  99. LEEP Question
  100. Asthma ?
  101. Pneumonia and Antibiotics
  102. Is this strep/scarlett fever????? UGH!!!
  103. Does anyone know if sudden pain causes
  104. Anyone know what this is?? It started yesturday.
  105. Problem with my eye
  106. Pulled muscle in breast????
  107. Genetic testing for BREAST CANCER~~would you?
  108. TMI but I need help with this fast if possible
  109. Plagiocephaly
  110. Can this be causing my headaches??
  111. Fever
  112. Depo Vera question
  113. I have retless legs and
  114. Still not hearing well (ear infection)
  115. Symptoms coming back while still on antibiotics
  116. Freaking out right now help
  117. Taking acidophilus with antibiotics
  118. Normal fluid retention weight gain??????
  119. How long for antibiotics to work?
  120. Bumps
  121. Side-effects of Prilosec?
  122. Laxative use?
  123. Eczema?
  124. hlep reducing swollen veins
  125. 9 month olds don't want the bottle anymore??
  126. Need Nurses' Input - Not your average question
  127. My baby is not eating
  128. Not sure what is going on with me....
  129. My baby is not eating
  130. What does a low white blood count mean?
  131. Do I need to see a dr today????
  132. Smoking and nursing??
  133. Blood Sugar Question
  134. Blood Pressure during pregnancy
  135. Pain in Uterus during luteal phase?
  136. Mouth Bleeds are the worst!!!
  137. What could it be?
  138. Newborn head injury?
  139. A heel bump?
  140. Diarrhea - Dehydration
  141. Normal or not???
  142. Emily fell and this is
  143. Should I ice it?
  144. Pink Eye?
  145. Why is this working?
  146. Ringworm?
  147. What could be wrong with me?
  148. How do you tell if a wound in the mouth is infected?
  149. Festering glass
  150. What are signs of a kidney/bladder infection in a child
  151. Dylan can't walk....
  152. This can't be right?
  153. Bug Bite Help!
  154. This medicine makes my stomach sick
  155. What can I soak in to help the swelling?
  156. Anyone know what this is?
  157. Can you od on tylenol?
  158. Zach got stung! Benydryl Question?
  159. Sore throat/white bloches??
  160. Question about fever followed by rash
  161. gas & lactose questions
  162. Woke up to a HORRIBLE sore throat.
  163. Vits & Suppliments for Menopause
  164. Night Sweats
  165. Ally hit her head!
  166. Hannah's Hand has swelling and pain
  167. Ruptured veins?
  168. 2 lumps on my head?
  169. Uggh...Cipro
  170. Dot on the lens of the eye?
  171. Can gums get infected ?????
  172. Help! Pink eye question
  173. How to fix an acid burnt throat
  174. Wanted to let you know...
  175. Blood Pressure
  176. What do you make of this?
  177. Help!!! Stopping withdrawal symptoms
  178. I have an ouchy~TMI
  179. Question about my leg
  180. No other symptoms...
  181. Kidney Diaysis
  182. What can I do about this tooth/mouth?
  183. Hey Kim - major tmi
  184. Kim, have a question for you...
  185. Describe a yeast infection...
  186. Rash after shots?
  187. Not for the queasy
  188. Kim/question about fingernail
  189. Blister on roof of my mouth???
  190. Weird pains-bladder or kidney infection?
  191. Kim /or anyone with an IUD!(question)?
  192. Medicine dosage for a 2 1/2 year old????
  193. Instead of Ask-A-Nurse.....
  194. Ear Tubes question
  195. Vomitting for 3 days ... is it time to call the Dr.?
  196. Help I steam burned my fingers...
  197. Oh Good Kim.....
  198. Kim--Help Please :(
  199. Airborne illness
  200. Kim I need your help on medical words
  201. Pressure in my ears
  202. intestinal permeability
  203. Drug interaction question
  204. Question about iron
  205. Austin's tooth
  206. Coughing up blood?
  207. Help! Throwing up BLUE stuff!
  208. Really persistant, but relatively minor problem
  209. Another Migrane
  210. What the heck is on her foot?
  211. Question for you Kim
  212. Mitral Valve prolalpse
  213. I think I have a kidney infection
  214. Blood Pressure question
  215. Kimmer or who ever help...
  216. What is an ECHO?
  217. Question for you Kimmer
  218. Trauma to a previously broken bone
  219. Is this Heartburn?????????
  220. Systolic heart murmer?weak on one side?
  221. Hey Kim I've been wondering...
  222. Very gross question about baby poop
  223. Help.. please?
  224. Excessive Unexplained Bruising
  225. Need advice!
  226. Anti-depressant question........
  227. Kimmer!!!!!!
  228. Can stress cause...
  229. Painful hips and I'm NOT that old
  230. Hey Kimmer!
  231. Stomach Bug
  232. Um.. strange question....
  233. Ear Tubes question
  234. Time to see a neurologist?
  235. Kind of embarrasing problem
  236. I don't know what is wrong with Elizabeth!!!
  237. Speaking of Hand-foot-mouth...
  238. HELP!! We were with the baby and I think RYan has...
  239. Kim...Why Is My Nose Always Stuffed Up at Bedtime??
  240. Burn question
  241. What did I do to my ankle?
  242. Running a temp
  243. TMI for some people and not for the queasy!
  244. What could it have been???
  245. So, let's say someone is having mild chest pains...
  246. 'swollen gland' turned wierd, any ideas?
  247. Symptoms of a bladder infection???
  248. Pulsating wall in the heart?
  249. Prickle Heat
  250. Concussion refresher