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  1. Ok...heres The Update On My C-section On 9/24/08 Guys!!!
  2. Birth stories?
  3. Logan Hunter's Birth Story
  4. First time Labor, easier than I thought!
  5. It's a girl!!
  6. Emma's birth story - long overdue
  7. I had Hannah!!
  8. induction questions?
  9. pushing time
  10. Ava's Birthday
  11. Chace Brendan
  12. He's here!
  13. Live Birth Simulator
  14. Labor & Delivery nurses
  15. Elizabeth's Birth Story
  16. Travis's birth story
  17. Randy's birth story
  18. Birth plan
  19. Directives for the birth
  20. What if what if what if LOL
  21. I don't think I can do it!
  22. This may be short but...Her royal Sproutliness' story
  23. Sophia's Birth Story
  24. Brenna Grace's Birth Story
  25. Signs that labor is coming?
  26. I found this to be hysterical!
  27. Ryan's birth story.... 4/6/06
  28. Ethan Carl's Birth Story
  29. Hey New Moms and new members
  30. Finally, after 5 months....
  31. Epidural
  32. Birth Story
  33. Repeat c-sections
  34. I was Born In Water
  35. Aidan Gilbert's Birth Story ! 11/13/05
  36. Pain meds or not?
  37. Water Birth
  38. VBAC: Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
  39. Alyssa's Birth Story
  40. Aiden's birth story
  41. any advice on evening primrose oil ?
  42. Any advice on CASTOR OIL for bringing on labor
  43. So Frustrated!! I need to have this baby soon!!
  44. AOTM
  45. Kieran's story
  46. Moses's Birth story the whole thing...
  47. The funniest birth story!!
  48. Braylen's Birth Story
  49. Childbirth at Home as Safe as Hospital Delivery: Study
  50. During labor....
  51. June's Featured Article!
  52. Labor & Delivery
  53. Aiyanna's Birth Story
  54. Birth Story!
  55. Hey Nicole!
  56. It's a BOY!!!
  57. Luther's birth story
  58. Vbac
  59. Samuel's birth story!
  60. homebirth/water birth
  61. What one thing could have happened
  62. How long after you gave birth ..
  63. Who was at your childs birth ..
  64. How long were you in labor with
  65. Delaney's birth story
  66. Desiree's birth story, very long....
  67. Labor @ home or Hospital
  68. Meghan's Birth
  69. Welcome Sharla Grace!
  70. Would you try it?
  71. Dominicks birth Jan 14 04
  72. Do you feel Vacuum-assisted deliveries are at as safe as using forceps?
  73. Will you have a labor coach?
  74. Learn about back labor
  75. Nicole's Birth
  76. Did anyone go drug free?
  77. Let's take a poll!!
  78. How big was your baby?
  79. BM's while Pushing...
  80. Did you have a
  81. For those who didn't have anesthesia...
  82. Dylan's Birth Story
  83. The Middle Wife
  84. Cesarean Birth: Recovery Beyond the Incision
  85. Hypnosis for Childbirth: What Is It and Does It Work?
  86. Checklist for items to take to the hospital with you!
  87. Ever wonder about doulas?
  88. Create your very own birthplan!
  89. Madame Zaritska predicts your birth experience
  90. Livia Abigail's arrival..
  91. Who all had a VBAC?
  92. How long did you push?
  93. Once you were in the hospital...
  94. Brodie Wallace Gholson!
  95. C-Section
  96. Lifejewel on BIRTH
  97. episiotomies? (sp?)
  98. Tommorow's the big day!!
  99. posterior position
  100. questions about getting your water broken
  101. black cohosh (help)
  102. Unique Birth Announcements Wanted!
  103. 3 Sets of Septuplets and a spare
  104. When your baby arrived, was there an...
  105. When your baby arrived did you have...
  106. When your baby arrived did you....
  107. How many people were
  108. Midwife or doctor
  109. What kind of pain
  110. Did your
  111. How long did you wait at home
  112. How long was labor
  113. Would you have a...
  114. Did you know if your child
  115. Payton Olivia Rose's birth story~4 different children 4 TOTALLY different births!
  116. For you ladies who have more than 1 child...
  117. Livia's Birth Story
  118. How long of a stay does your hosp allow?
  119. Who came to visit?
  120. Did you pass out anything?
  121. For Those That Were Induced....
  122. Questions About The Gel and Pitocin
  123. Where and When Did Your Water Break?
  124. Do You Have a Birth Plan?
  125. Help! How Long Should I Wait??
  126. Contractions?
  127. Birthing balls and stools?
  128. What do you bring to make yourself comfortable?
  129. First stage of labor?
  130. If you had two or more c-sections...
  131. What did you take to the hospital?
  132. Did anyone have a scheduled c-section?
  133. caitlyns birth story
  134. If you had a C-Section
  135. Loss of mucus plug
  136. Wanting to have your baby early
  137. Brianna's Arrival
  138. Brandan's Birth Story
  139. There is no nursery!!
  140. How Far Along Do You Have to Be...
  141. Were you allowed to have anything...
  142. Please welcome your new Moderators!
  143. Were you...
  144. Did you take...
  145. Bring On Labor...What Worked For You?
  146. Did you get to...
  147. Prayers needed
  148. Will you have...
  149. When you were fully dilated...
  150. When you were in labor...
  151. What is one thing...
  152. Who Was There With You...
  153. How many days...
  154. Issac's Birth Story...Late I Know
  155. my wonderful experience at the hospital
  156. Ashley's birth story......Way late
  157. Samantha's Birth Story....
  158. drugs - please advise!
  159. Is there anything that worries you...
  160. Nathaniel Seth Gabriel Mayberry!
  161. Patricia and Emily's birth story
  162. Epidural Questions
  163. C-section moms
  164. Elizabeth's Arrival
  165. woohoo update!
  166. Really want to go Natural!!!
  167. Children present?
  168. Birthing Balls?
  169. If one of you is sick...
  170. Another C-section question...
  171. Its a girl!
  172. Multiple C-sections
  173. Epidurals?
  174. Question?
  175. Due Dates
  176. The first time you saw your baby
  177. Packing your hospital bag
  178. Braxton Hicks
  179. Wooo-hooo!
  180. Kelsey's Birth Story
  181. have you heard of this?
  182. What was the most important thing
  183. childbirth classes
  184. Did anyone...
  185. Quick question
  186. Pain killers
  187. What is the Craziest..
  188. Have you ever heard of this?
  189. Advice
  190. My friend Kelly is going in for a c-section at 2:30
  191. Haley's grand entrance....
  192. A great natural pain relief
  193. What was the last meal you had before having your baby (babies)?
  194. Would you do natural childbirth again??
  195. OB/GYN or Midwife?
  196. What were your birthing rooms like?
  197. Are There Other Ways to Give Nature a Nudge?
  198. What tips were you given to start labor.........
  199. Your own father or mother as your OB or midwife?
  200. Allison Paige is here!!
  201. Morgan Brynne has arrived!!!!
  202. I am a NEW MOM!!
  203. Could you ever forgive him?
  204. Someone other than Dh/So drive you?
  205. Did he tell you you were overr eacting?
  206. 5 factors to help you decide when to hit the road
  207. Six Keys to Preventing Complications and Giving Birth to a Healthy Baby
  208. Just Fetal Headaches?
  209. Keeping Childbearing Normal Through Nutrition
  210. Has anyone used the Bradley method?
  211. Repeat c-section question--scar tissue
  212. Water Breaking
  213. The Birth Organizer: You're getting ready for Baby Kit
  214. Anyone out there having a hard time with PPD right now?
  215. What sign?
  216. What was the most stupid
  217. what is the funniest thing that happend
  218. Were there any problems?
  219. Whats the one thing you Loved about your doctor?
  220. What is the one thing you hated about your doctor?
  221. Anyone ever have
  222. Has anyone here had an unplanned...
  223. My Neighbor is in LABOR!
  224. What free things did you get?
  225. Did your hodpital give you a carseat?
  226. Did you get to do anything memorable?
  227. Did the hospital do anything special for you?
  228. A.M. Or P.M.?
  229. What was the weather like?
  230. Which was harder.
  231. Congratulations Alyse !!
  232. Did you save the front page?
  233. Did you shave your legs?
  234. Did you put on makeup?
  235. What did you wear to?
  236. What did you wear home?
  237. C-sections
  238. Rhyne's birth Story
  239. Tristan James has FINALLY arrived!
  240. Brody's here!!
  241. Story of Allec Cory's birth...
  242. For those who've been in labor
  243. What end during labor? Did dh caress your head..or play quarterback "at the scene"?
  244. Birth Plan questions
  245. Does anyone have any tricks on how to get labor started??
  246. Hi Dad, How to get your message to BabyU
  247. Vbac
  248. Use of narcotics vs. epidural in labor
  249. Hospital bag
  250. What position?