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: Home Improvements & Decorating

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  1. Do you decorate for Valentine's day?
  2. DIY or Hire a professional?
  3. What is your favorite color combination for decorating?
  4. If you could redo one room...
  5. Renovating Doesn't Pay Off Like It Used To
  6. Upholstered Headboard
  7. Has anyone had laminate flooring installed?
  8. Upholstered Headboard
  9. Any big projects planned for this spring?
  10. buying clubs
  11. NEED HELP!! Interior decorating ideas! STAT!
  12. Suggestions for painting a bathroom?
  13. I'm so excited!!!!!
  14. So Say I needed to move
  15. sail boats
  16. iPhone 3G 16GB for sale at 150usd
  17. Carpeting vs Hardwood/tile
  18. Need Ideas
  19. I hate waiting
  20. Your Comforter/Spread/Quilt
  21. Bunk beds
  22. Do you glue?
  23. Remodeling question
  24. Golf bathroom ideas?
  25. Redecorating - re organizing my sewing/craftin area - thoughts?
  26. Man, what has gotten in to me
  27. Open Floor Plans
  28. Anyone have the redecorating bug?
  29. Is your tree up?
  30. This is so much more work than I imagined!
  31. Help with Heat
  32. I didn't think it would so much work!
  33. Let's talk colors ...
  34. What do you do to prepare to sale your house?
  35. Home Depot drapes
  36. OK I need ideas
  37. Would this be cheesy?
  38. Does this make any sense at all?
  39. What do you have on your...
  40. If you could redo your livingroom...
  41. WOOHOO!! New bedroom suite!!!!
  42. Garbage Disposal ????
  43. Regrouting Tile Floors
  44. Redeocrating the landry room ..
  45. First real furniture purchase...
  46. Carpets
  47. Kids bathroom theme?
  48. Need help with small bathroom
  49. Well, we took on another huge project..
  50. Need some ideas....
  51. OK girls here is my kitchen with 1 coat!!
  52. Candle cups (votive holders)
  53. More kitchen help..I want red but what shade?
  54. Kids beds??
  55. Another Vintage Find!!!!!! (Look Becca!)
  56. tons accomplished
  57. Looking for something very specific
  58. Home Improvements
  59. How often do you change?
  60. Finally done stripping off the wallpaper
  61. Laminate floor in bathroom?
  62. Nursery Help
  63. What color is your...
  64. Whatcha doin' around the house?
  65. Wow.... Size DOES matter!!
  66. One day... a loong looong time ago..
  67. Color Scheme
  68. Futons
  69. Am I Crazy?
  70. If you could redecorate your bedroom...
  71. Anyone have one of these?
  72. Are you a nick-nack phene or minimalist?
  73. What else can get marker off the wall?
  74. What is the ugliest fixture in your house?
  75. If you could just scrap one room in your house...
  76. I am redoing my bedroom
  77. What do you think of this for my kitchen?
  78. Hard Floor Cleaners
  79. OMG! This is ugly.
  80. Does anyone have bunk beds?
  81. What do you do with a little boy's room?
  82. Finishing a basement room - what do you think?
  83. Any day now
  84. Value of any home...
  85. Have you used power tools to improve your house?
  86. Okay, so what color should the cabinets be girls?
  87. What do you think?
  88. Has anyone ever refinished furniture?
  89. Flat enamel wall paint
  90. What a difference!
  91. Where can you get extra deep fitted sheets?
  92. Picture frame ideas
  93. That figures!
  94. Mattress shopping
  95. If you could decorate your bedroom...
  96. Need idea how to store or display earrings
  97. hey lissa check these out
  98. Nervous about this....
  99. [email protected] that sucks!
  100. Counter Tops
  101. Hardwood Floors ...
  102. Framing Art
  103. Home Improvement Vs New house?
  104. Recovering kitchen chairs
  105. Totally stumped
  106. Select Comfort / Sleep Number beds
  107. What kind of pillow do you sleep with?
  108. Who would I call?
  109. Need suggestions for a mural
  110. The quilt I ended up getting
  111. Could use your help with this...
  112. Paint colors!
  113. Slip covers?
  114. Style?
  115. Do you
  116. Have you decorated your bedroom?
  117. Do you have a theme in your kids room?
  118. How do you add extra storage in a small space
  119. What theme is your kitchen in
  120. What color is your living room?
  121. What is your
  122. More help with my bedroom
  123. I love how we are all helping one another decorate!
  124. I found bedding!
  125. Help me with my bedroom
  126. OK - I know what I am doing with my $$ - now I need some help!
  127. Help I can't use nails!
  128. Help Me Help My Sister!
  129. Tips from the Chat - Easy Fall Decorating Tips
  130. Article of the Month - September
  131. what is one household appliance you are grateful to have?
  132. Need some decorating ideas - Cheetah print
  133. Gonna go shopping ..
  134. Wanted to do this idea in the downstairs bathroom...
  135. Princess Bedroom theme
  136. For those of you with boys...need bedroom ideas
  137. Red appliances
  138. How Kewl!
  139. Article of the Month - August
  140. Has Anyone Ever Built an Addition onto their House?
  141. Speaking of bedroom decor.....
  142. Bathroom decor
  143. What is your decor style?
  144. Do you have a........
  145. What color are your bedsheets?
  146. Decorating a kid's room (Blue Clues theme) - Need some ideas
  147. Need some decorating advice for the kitchen
  148. Article of the Month - July
  149. Wallpaper border
  150. Ikea!
  151. New futon cushion
  152. Ok I soooo need help!
  153. Suggestions for cleaning blinds?
  154. Shelves with curtain rods underneath?
  155. I just gotta say...
  156. interior
  157. patio renovations
  158. Featured Article - June
  159. AWESOME wallpaper remover
  160. If you had the money and could do it...
  161. Decorating with Thrift Store Finds
  162. Clean Sweep ?
  163. Thinking a lot about having my own room
  164. i need some ideas on bathroom decorating
  165. Ty Pennington Style
  166. Anyone know what this stuff is called?
  167. The Plan
  168. Couch pillows or decor?
  169. Rustic themes?
  170. Wallpaper vs. paint
  171. Your bedroom..What kind of lighting?
  172. 8 rooms and never painted before...
  173. How can I make a net canopy?
  174. Redesign Your Headboard with a Slipcover
  175. Front Porch Fix-up
  176. Need some kids furniture ideas
  177. Playroom Decorating
  178. I need better storage ideas
  179. I think I have finally convinced him!
  180. Girly crib set
  181. Small, Custom Counter-Top
  182. Beyond Painting: Decorating Walls with Stencils
  183. Crib Set
  184. Five Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen Designer Wow!
  185. Dressing up the new baby's room for less
  186. Home Improvement Projects That Really Pay Off
  187. 5 Easy Ways to Add Spring to your Decor
  188. Photo Art Using your Scanner
  189. A Man’s Guide to Home Decor
  190. How To Paint Your Own Artwork - And Save Money.
  191. Organize Your Leftover Containers in Four Easy Steps!
  192. Does anyone know where to find...
  193. Antique furnature guide?
  194. Organizing Tips For Your Workshop Or Garage
  195. Make Space in a Small Room
  196. Beating Bathroom Clutter
  197. Beautiful Bathroom Basics
  198. Buying Furniture for your Home
  199. Febreeze Scentstories
  200. Can't decide
  201. Slipcovers
  202. On a budget of $1000
  203. new Kenmore he4T colors
  204. Tips on Budget Decorating
  205. Bedroom Redos on a Budget
  206. Feng Shui, Design Psychology and Sleeping
  207. What is the difference? Comforter vs. Duvet??
  208. Need some help
  209. My final resolution
  210. HELP! How do you know if a waterpipe busted?
  211. decorating a teen's room?
  212. Has anyone seen any Thomas ( the train) fabric?
  213. Lessons From Grandma: How To Organize Small Spaces
  214. Could I make my own Wallies?
  215. Measuring Space - How Much Room Do You Really Need?
  216. Unique and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas
  217. Autumn Home Decor
  218. Autumn Wreaths and Door Decorations
  219. Ideas for Fall Decorating
  220. How to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Dime!
  221. What ... were we... thinking~!!!
  222. Decorating outside
  223. Decorating for the seasons
  224. Painting and Decorating Tile
  225. How To Set The Mood…
  226. Five Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen Designer Wow!
  227. What size bed
  228. How is your bedroom decorated?
  229. Teen Room Decorating Ideas - Create Something You'll Both Love!
  230. A model way to get new furnishings
  231. The Ultimate Strategy for Decorating a Child's Room!
  232. anyone have any ideas?
  233. Inexpensive bedroom redo
  234. Has Anyone Does A Suede Faux Finish In Their Home?
  235. Seasonal Decorating - When do you switch over?
  236. Value-Added Features
  237. Used But Not Used Up
  238. 10 Dollar Saving Bedroom Ideas
  239. Decorating Hints & Tips
  240. 5 Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips
  241. Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas
  242. Breaking the Mold - Creative Boys Bedrooms
  243. Removing Paint from Carpet
  244. How Natural Light Affects Home Decor
  245. How To Update Your Décor with Paint, for Just Pennies!
  246. Five Ways to Update your Windows on a Budget
  247. Tuscan Style Decorating - Three Essentials
  248. Can anyone help me? Paint removel ?
  249. Not painting anymore
  250. I am gonna miss