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  1. Prayer request for a co-worker's mom
  2. Prayers--Trial coming up
  3. Prayer Request for FIL
  4. Prayers for the Chilean miners
  5. Prayers Needed Please!!!
  6. thoughts for an old friend
  7. My mom needs prayers!
  8. Please pray for Aryanna
  9. Friend with cancer
  10. My cousin Sharon
  11. Prayers please
  12. Needing some prayers
  13. Need my BBU Sisters support---
  14. Desperately need prayers--
  15. My Unlce
  16. Need my BBU sisters & their prayer power!
  17. The McCoy Family lost their 1 year old
  18. My sister's oldest and dearest friend
  19. More prayers please...
  20. Prayer request for a close friend
  21. Pray for me today
  22. My cousin's son
  23. PR : For Grandpa
  24. Positive thoughts, prayers for my sick children
  25. Prayers for guidance
  26. Prayers for Shona--in hospital
  27. Job interview
  28. new job possibility
  29. For my niece....Baby "S"
  30. Zachariah for Tuesday
  31. Hello!
  32. 3 kids now without a mom
  33. Keep me in you prayers...
  34. Nice Forum
  35. Prayers for my sister Misty...
  36. Prayers for my Mother, PLEASE!
  37. Please keep this family in your prayers...
  38. Rotten day
  39. Prayer for Jan (Jannie) and her family
  40. My SIL needs some prayers
  41. Please keep me in you thoughts and prayers
  42. prayer for my family
  43. Prayers for FIL - Cancer
  44. my BIL is in ICU
  45. Dh's cousin has Gulf War Syndrome
  46. Travis is having surgery
  47. please keep me in your prayers...
  48. Macaulay Calkin's sister killed...
  49. Macaulay Calkin's sister killed...
  50. My sil in GA
  51. Prayers for guidance
  52. Prayers needed for Meghan
  53. Job situation
  54. A dear friend of mine
  55. My hubby
  56. Could you all say a prayer for my mother please
  57. Please keep us in your prayers
  58. please keep my family in your prayers and thoughts.
  59. Could use some positive thoughts
  60. Savannah 2 lbs, 11 oz & Susan
  61. Pray for my job
  62. For My DH's Step-Grandmother
  63. Surgery Tuesday
  64. A LOT of issues
  65. for a financial situation...
  66. DH was in a car accident today
  67. Please -
  68. My sister
  69. Continuing prayer request for Elizabeth
  70. For my family
  71. For a work/school situation
  72. Prayers please
  73. My appointment tonight needs prayers...
  74. Prayer request... Oma
  75. new job possibility
  76. MIL's MRI
  77. Prayers for my neighbours
  78. Our baby is with Christ today...
  79. My Ob Appt July 1st (still Praying)
  80. My test results (praying and need prayers)
  81. New Job--Specific Request
  82. I really need your prayers
  83. My husband
  84. my co worker
  85. Elizabeth and her family
  86. for a teen girl with cancer
  87. for my Mom
  88. Prayers needed for a young co worker
  89. Billy's dad died this morning...
  90. Problem after Amnio
  91. please pray...
  92. If you are the praying type..
  93. My mom
  94. Pray for us we have more bad weather
  95. Update on Jim's Cousin in the Burn Unit
  96. For my best friends little boy
  97. Prayers for me, David, and my kids
  98. For my brother and his kiddos
  99. Prayer Request for Soldiers
  100. Update on my boss
  101. I'm Pregnant
  102. My boss
  103. Prayer for a fallen soldier's family
  104. Prayer for a mom and baby
  105. PR for a coworker
  106. Prayer Request
  107. Tomorrow is the day
  108. Could use your prayers
  109. My mom is back in the hospital.
  110. For Shona and her family
  111. Can I just skip 2008
  112. Contemplating Changing Schools
  113. Keep Us In Your Thoughts
  114. Mom's back in the hospital :(
  115. Prayers for one of our units...
  116. Peyton's year check up
  117. Pray for my friend please
  118. Prayer Request for my Family, and a friends
  119. Please pray for me.
  120. He's gone
  121. My Aunt
  122. We need prayers!
  123. My dad is in very serious condition
  124. Oooo Oooo Ooo I Have been short listed...
  125. Prayers for the family and friends...
  126. Possible job change for DH
  127. Thoughts and prayers please
  128. My dad
  129. Need prayers ASAP please!
  130. More job prayers please!
  131. Prayers for family
  132. Not sure what's going to happen now...
  133. pray for my dh
  134. Prayers needed please
  135. extra prayers today
  136. I could use your prayers if you don't mind
  137. Things are not good
  138. Keep my mommie in your prayers today
  139. I'm full of prayer requests today
  140. Prayers needed for car problems
  141. Updated prayer request for hubby
  142. Prayers for a good friend...
  143. Prayer request for Steve
  144. Major prayers needed
  145. Possible bridge collapse victim
  146. Court this morning
  147. A bunch of things
  148. For My SIL and her family
  149. For Heather ( Little Bit)
  150. Miss P's next kidney check up
  151. heart attack
  152. I could really use your prayers if you don't mind
  153. Prayer for a new job
  154. Court tomorrow
  155. Prayer request for my friend
  156. Okay I prayed for a couch...
  157. We need to sell our house pronto!
  158. This baby needs your prayers
  159. My great grandma is in the hospital.
  160. Pray for our money/house situation
  161. Quick prayer for my friend Brandy...
  162. Please say a quick prayer for Johnny's cousin-
  163. For DH's MRI
  164. My mom's headed for surgery again
  165. The property management company called
  166. And the saga continues...
  167. New job
  168. Appt. with transplant doctor
  169. We need a house
  170. A couple of things
  171. Urgent!!! Prayer Request For Baby
  172. Prayers for my whole family
  173. Need some prayers for Jerry
  174. I need some prayers
  175. For Cecil & his family
  176. For my friend Camille
  177. Please pray for my boys
  178. Please keep another coworker in your prayers...
  179. Please pray for my coworker....
  180. I have to go talk to my boss...
  181. Prayer for my friend's baby.
  182. Please pray
  183. For MIL (and the rest of the family)
  184. Please say a prayer for my friend
  185. For MIL
  186. Prayers for her, please
  187. I could use some prayers right now--
  188. job and school
  189. A family at church
  190. My good friend, Karen
  191. Oh my gosh.......
  192. My mom and uncle
  193. Melissa and her family
  194. Prayers for Shona and George
  195. About to take a huge leap
  196. Requesting prayer for a friend
  197. My nephew
  198. Can you keep my mom
  199. The drive home was a tearful one.....
  200. Please pray for us!
  201. She needs ALOT of prayers!!
  202. We need some prayers
  203. Little Boy w/ Cancer
  204. THis is a friends little boy
  205. my nephew
  206. I don't know if you all remember...
  207. Mom's doctor appointment
  208. Meeting tomorrow
  209. Military maneuver accident
  210. No news
  211. Can you all say a prayer---
  212. For Will
  213. A special one for my mom
  214. one more set of tests for Peyton
  215. Another motorcycle accident ..
  216. prayers for DH's surgery tomorrow
  217. Hugs for my sil
  218. Pray for me
  219. Prayers for my baby
  220. The Flu's at my house
  221. No water
  222. Prayer for my brother and his family
  223. Please pray for my neighbors
  224. I don't normally do this but I guess I need a little prayer.
  225. please think of us....
  226. A rather trivial request
  227. Pray for me I am NERVOUS
  228. Two Requests
  229. For my friend, Camille
  230. Please think of Peyton (and us) today (1-16)
  231. Russ's Uncle passed away
  232. Coworker in hospital
  233. For the In Laws
  234. Prayer for a manager I support
  235. My brother is having trouble again...
  236. For a work situation
  237. My SIL gave birth to TWIN BOYS at 22 weeks.....
  238. Please pray for family!!!
  239. Please pray for me
  240. Please pray for this baby
  241. Ack!!!!!!!!! Please say a quick prayer for our car situation
  242. A couple from our church lost their baby
  243. Friend at work is having heart procedure Friday
  244. Please Pray for DIEGO.......
  245. I have a Doctors appointment today
  246. Darla needs our prayers
  247. Well it wouldn't be the holidays if
  248. Please keep Darla's family in your prayers
  249. Needed now!!
  250. Urgent Prayer needed for Little boy