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  1. So whats been going on... with me and you?!
  2. Merry Christmas BabyUers!
  3. 1st week of school for Lil Raymond & I
  4. What Ive been up tooo
  5. wishing you all a
  6. Still in Springbreak Mode..
  7. Raymond and I..
  8. First Day of Christmas Vacation..
  9. Its 2AM and its familytime
  10. this weekend
  11. im back!
  12. Our Wedding Video tonite
  13. 9/30 tuesday
  14. alil update on whats been going on
  15. Thank goodness the wknd is here
  16. Lil Raymond first week of school update
  17. Sunday midnite session
  18. Sunday Morning (early morning)
  19. Tgif!!!!!
  20. We got a New SUV
  21. Sweetest husband ever!
  22. I cant believe Im up this early
  23. Today I spend my first day in pjs
  24. Sunday, Father's Day!
  25. Thursday and well its my day off!!
  26. Hi BUers
  27. We Miss You!!!!
  28. Gesssh I LOVE RESTTIME!!
  29. Wow!!
  30. its been about 2 months
  31. Sleepless Nite
  32. Saturday morning and I think im getting sick
  33. My dad is being SELFISH once again
  34. ALIL Update
  35. i just woke up 10AM!
  36. 4AM and im off to bed
  37. Sorry 4 M.i.a
  38. do i have the right too?? i need some words of advice
  39. MOTIVATION TODAY!! desperate need
  40. Our 1st Family Vacation
  41. Finally!! ****!!
  42. THis IS hoW I SpenD My VacaTioN This PasT WeeK
  43. I gotta keep myself busy today
  45. Stupid State Care!!
  46. Sometimes my husband gets on my **** Nerves!!!
  47. Sunday, and I dont feel like doing anything today
  48. Im on da RoLL Today
  49. The Latest on Me
  50. My Destiny Rose Just Turned 1 !!
  51. I am SOOO Bad!!
  52. Were All Moved In!
  53. Its Monday And I have no Kids and Im Bored..
  54. Tgif!!
  55. good morning sunshine
  56. im always having bad luck for other people mistakes!!
  57. New Changes for 2007
  58. Wednesday Dec 6th ALready!
  59. i cant belive im going to say this.. BUT
  60. another wonderful update on me
  61. i finally got my fatbutt to the gym this morning
  62. Takin Alil Break
  63. Its been awhile since ive checked in
  64. Mariah Carey Today!!
  65. happy friday!
  66. alil update on myself
  67. where is everyone today?! i hope not sleeping!! LOL
  68. So Far Sooo Good
  69. up and perky today!!
  70. im joining LA Fitness!
  71. i wish i can just go back to bed
  72. YaY Its FriDay!!
  73. overwhelmed, i think thats how i spell it.
  74. Tuesday 8/15
  75. Ever had one of those painful headaches that just wont go away
  76. Im Bored
  77. Who can live off 4 hours of sleep??
  78. Best Time Of The Day = ME TIME!
  79. tuesday feels almost like a friday...
  80. 08/01 i know im going to pay for this later
  81. ok so im taking alil break...
  82. lil update
  83. First day of doing childcare
  84. Im finally an official SAHM
  85. 2more weeks!!
  86. 3 more weeks until im back to being a SAHM
  87. so far my week at work
  88. MY Stay At Home Mommy Days are Over
  89. Thursday already
  90. Destiny 2month checkup
  91. went to Kid By Kid today
  92. ooo what a Monday
  93. Been Doing alot of thinking about going back to work or not
  94. i am just way too lazy to go do anything right now..
  95. my sunday!!
  96. Destiny 2 months already!
  97. yeah i was really moody
  98. Would u call this PMSing
  99. Just got back from an early AM workout
  100. Sunday!!
  101. cant believe i post 3X in my journal this week
  102. yeah!! its friday!!
  103. Thursday 4/20
  104. my lil update
  105. happy friday
  106. 3/30 thursday March is over?!
  107. DoNt KnOw If ItS JuSt Me oR WhaT
  108. Finally I am back.
  109. LOL! Yep, Destiny is finally here!!
  110. So who thinks Diana had her baby???
  111. Are You Still Pregnant??
  112. im freakin out right now
  113. monday 2/13
  114. Nothing new to update?
  115. FRIDAY 13th and 43 days to go
  116. 30wks and 70 days to go!
  117. ive been MIA~
  118. Yeah today im a SAHM!
  119. Saturday and this is what im doing
  120. Weekly update on me
  121. Went To My Ultrasound And Its A
  122. busy weekend ahead
  123. 21wks Dr Visit
  124. Update 10/17
  125. its been awhile since ive posted.
  126. Cant wait till this day is over
  127. Sunday 10/2
  128. i was the Energyize Bunny Yesterday
  129. The sign ive been waiting for
  130. 18wks Dr. Appt.
  131. Insominia and Work Need ur Input
  132. Is It Lunchtime Yet?!
  133. My busy weekend!
  134. Sleepyhead or should i say
  135. Today i hit the gym!
  136. my Saturday is halfway gone
  137. 15wks so far
  138. Labor Day and im taking advantage of it!
  139. Freak Out!
  140. so many changes in one wk
  141. Friday, I got to hear my baby heartbeat!
  142. another sleepless night.
  143. Saturday 27th
  144. My first Caffa Latta was today!
  145. My boobs are getting big!
  146. Sunday 8/21
  147. Morning Cravings!
  148. DESPERATE FOR SLEEP!! ideas wanted... safe ones
  149. i love my poochie stomach
  150. all alone on a saturday night
  151. my lil pooch is finally forming
  152. Im back to work. Daycare didnt call me
  153. i got a headstart this morning..
  154. Day 2 being at home. Actually 4 if were counting the wknd
  155. Sunday and Monday
  156. yard sale advatages..
  157. I went to my first doctor visit yesterday
  158. Your PM Box is Full!
  159. i hope today is a good day
  160. Monday already August 1st
  161. im dying here..
  162. Saturday 23rd
  163. I feel soo different now
  164. my wake up bootycall
  165. Can i pls have my journal moved pretty please
  166. this is horrible..
  167. What a kickback Saturday
  168. is it too early for me to feel tired?
  169. Im back from the partytown
  170. It feels like a Sunday.
  171. busy, busy day!!
  172. Guess What?! Im Pregnant!!
  173. well since its my bday and all...
  174. Monday 6/27
  175. what should i do...hmmm
  176. just got home 200AM
  177. Never Wear A Skirt To Emissions
  178. another ladies night is going on tonight
  179. My poor poor baby..
  180. i could have strangled him
  181. today "flying" didnt go exactly what i planned on
  182. i feel like $hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  183. Vacation out of no where, guess where im going?!
  184. Hey Diana
  185. 6/15 midday and im bored..
  186. i wish all my wknds were like this.
  187. Party your body, dancing into the morning light..
  188. its saturday night and
  189. Tonight Im going to my Freestyle Explosion!!
  190. Guess What?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
  191. feeling sooo good
  192. Im going to be super lonely this summer
  193. Boreddddd!!
  194. im not pregnant yet..
  195. what do you all think, need some woman to woman advice.
  196. i feel so tired today, thanks to my hubby
  197. Uh-oh !!
  198. Part Two
  199. This Week Has Been Way Too Crazy For Me To Handle!!
  200. fever fever go away...
  201. Raymond still sick
  202. doesnt feel like a monday
  203. im so drain out
  204. Im an auntie again!!
  205. I Jinxed Myself
  206. You are wonderful because....
  207. one month wedding anniversity
  208. im bored now.
  209. alil bit of nothing
  210. awww MAN!!
  211. i know im going to pay for it later
  212. I dont like MOndays
  213. just got back
  214. Happy Cinco De Mayo!
  215. its true marriages changes you
  216. wedding pictures
  217. Wedding Details Part Two
  218. Wedding details. 4/16/05 PART ONE
  219. I know you have a life but
  220. 2 more days, ladies!
  221. its time to wake up
  222. its 3AM
  223. My Bachlorette Night!!
  224. Wanted: New Grandmother For My Son
  225. Tgif
  226. tonight
  227. 12 more days
  228. Dont know how you all handle it...give me some 411
  229. I found my wedding dress!!
  230. Wedding Dressing Hunt
  231. testing snugglepie out
  232. Today is my Big BAby Birthday~~
  233. so far i havent
  234. Im all settled in!
  235. the lowdown on the moving process
  236. i dont feel like it
  237. where do i start?!
  238. i ruin Valentines Day!
  239. im going to love this day!!
  240. Guess what?!
  241. this is how its been
  242. im waiting
  243. I think today im gong to be a [email protected]!
  244. couldnt sleep tonight
  245. update on my life
  246. wednesday agenda 1/12
  247. I woke up late!!
  248. I think im going to call it a day right about NOW!!
  249. this is only a test..
  250. ladies night