: Totally Off Topic

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  1. He got it for me!!!!!
  2. Wow!
  3. OH Robyn .. Just WHO ...
  4. Chain letters
  5. Can someone talk to the weather gods?
  6. I am Thankful :
  7. hehehehehehe....
  8. Hello all! :)
  9. Who can sew? I need HELP!
  10. Passport Question!!!! Help!
  11. I know this has been asked before but-
  12. missing my mom...
  13. extremely bad day...
  14. Thoughts that make you say hmmmm....
  15. Can't sleep...
  16. IPod question
  17. What do you drink when you go to a restaurant?
  18. Can you eat with chopsticks?
  19. If Your Life Was A Slogan T-Shirt What Would It Say?
  20. How Are You Impulsive?
  21. I Should Be In Charge Of The _________Club?
  22. This is probably a dumb question, but
  23. Cleaning Up Hazardous Chemicals at Former Meth Labs
  24. Never again will i send him to the grocery store.
  25. Daddy's Day at School
  26. 7:48pm
  27. no title, just thoughts
  28. Select A Location To View Todays Low And High Gas Prices
  29. Share your childhood memories here!
  30. Duh!!!
  31. Lori ...
  32. Need a huge favor!!!!!!
  33. A Psalm for the Coffee drinkers!
  34. What is your favorite online site to play games?
  35. Can't sign into my yahoo
  36. I need help with doing my resume!
  37. Jon's friend's wife...
  38. Help, oppinions, suggestions?
  39. Yahoo 360
  40. What about this one?
  41. Smilies reorginized
  42. I Feel so alone.....
  43. ONE more interview!!!!
  44. The Hotel the Ball will be held in..
  45. Seattle's Best-I am officially addicted!
  46. Dawn ~ You are awesome!!
  47. Does anyone have a 1991 Buick Regal GS?
  48. Catalytic converter (car question)
  49. Do you have 2 completely different dictionaries...
  50. Is that yours or mine...
  51. I have a delima!!!!!!!!!
  52. What do you wear to sleep in?
  53. Are you getting to bed any earlier...
  54. Melizerd & Lenora...
  55. Kale would like to know ...
  56. Updated pics-BIL on R&R, recent of kids
  57. DINNERTIME: whats your house smelling like right now?
  58. How much $$ do you use a week on gas?
  59. Whats your favorite chips and dip?
  60. It's all Dawn's fault too!!!!
  61. Hurricane Katrina-proud to be on this earth
  62. Dust if You Must
  63. Help me!!! I want to get to 250 posts...
  64. My son played his 1st football game last night...
  65. Who gets the Detriot news?
  66. Seen on a TShirt
  67. MeShell ~ You are driving me crazy with your avatar!!!
  68. Need help with translation of Japanese word..
  69. Nice way to end a day- and start a month!!!
  70. About the sponsors on the side of the site
  71. How high did your gas prices get yesterday?
  72. Cheap gas
  73. Ya know what I'm looking forward to???
  74. Roxanna .. step away from the television!!
  75. I just want to say
  76. How many miles do you drive ..
  77. Elaine, am I blind or
  78. Can the smilies be changed up???
  79. Work? What's that?
  80. In ur neck of the woods, r u guys experiencing gas shortgages?
  81. I am gonna go insane!
  82. Handwriting analysis
  83. Disaster Drills....Remember
  84. Get to meet another online pal tomorrow!
  85. What is your favorite Little Debbie Snack?
  86. Have you ever
  87. Check out my........
  88. Would someone do something for me???
  89. Oh My Gosh! Guess What I Found!
  90. Got Jewelry?
  91. Gas again...
  92. Have you ever had...
  93. Have you ever ridden out a hurricane?
  94. What does your DH/SO do
  95. iPod Owners???
  96. Becca.. what in the world????????
  97. For those of you that are teachers...
  98. Men cleverer than women, say scientists
  99. So, I wonder...
  100. funny prank
  101. eBay's closing auctions
  102. How old are you ...
  103. for the college freshmen
  104. Renova
  105. Update on Zyrilia
  106. This is a GREAT idea! LOL!
  107. to get a job/or not?
  108. Are you serious??? NO mail???
  109. How much should I sell this for?
  110. White Noise Machines
  111. Biggest Thing I Have Ever Seen In My Life!!
  112. important papers
  113. Have you ever been around anybody who uses ICE ?
  114. do you have a newppr/magazine subscription?
  115. What color is your ...
  116. Picking up a job application etiquette?
  117. What would you do?
  118. Gosh its quiet...
  119. Where did you go
  120. Your rearview mirror
  121. toddler bed?
  122. Yummy!!!
  123. Where is everyone??????
  124. So it's gonna be a little hot today ..
  125. Smirnoff Twisted
  126. Anyone else addicted?
  127. Advertising ideas ...
  128. Permission letter
  129. Where is everyone?
  130. Temp?
  131. Browns tickets
  132. What to do, what to do....
  133. How do I handle this? I need some opinions please!!!!! (church nursery issues)
  134. How neat!!
  135. Does this freak you out?
  136. Woohoo! I am Back!
  137. Hi, I am new
  138. Need to log off
  139. WTG Jannie!!!
  140. Shakin' His Tooshie!
  141. The Bigfoot Nearest You
  142. Just plain CRAZY!!!
  143. Texas vs West Virginia vs Utah
  144. Hawaii question
  145. Would this be wrong?
  146. Dress for the ball, what do you think?
  147. All those pens and pencils
  148. Do you burn a lot of candles?
  149. Hey ladies!
  150. I so do not wanna work!!
  151. Check it out ...
  152. Oh My
  153. My favorite thing about baking a cake ..
  154. Ok - Its all or nothing now!
  155. I registered
  156. Funny/Stupid sayings.....
  157. On The Horizon: A 'Rinse' For Washing Machines That Dries Clothes
  158. Stoopid question! LOL
  159. My final pitch ;)
  160. Please help me!
  161. Ok so here's my new ad....
  162. I pitched it ..... and
  163. Where do you get Nintendo 64 Games
  164. I love goodwill!!
  165. I love it when I'm a step ahead of him!
  166. Well, my husband and oldest son are off to Rockfest today.
  167. Batteries...uggg
  168. Gas Prices?
  169. Got Rummage?
  170. My Baby is on her way!!!!!!
  171. Interview questions
  172. Free Cycle is frustrating me!
  173. When are we doing the next avatar challange?
  174. when you first logon to BBU, what is the first thing you do?
  175. The Great Pop vs Soda Controversy
  176. Ugh!!
  177. Just thinking outloud... your opinions?
  178. We were looking at our wedding video today.
  179. I found someone
  180. its 10AM and im home and im bored!
  181. Finally, an explanation!
  182. Are we still doing...??
  183. It is ALL you Preggos faults!!!
  184. Has anyone been shopping lately?
  185. Metal Head Stoner Math
  186. oh my goodness....
  187. If you want to make your Walmart trip more exciting ...
  188. What do you think of this verbage?
  189. Stranger IM's
  190. After Three Days....
  191. Update on Us.
  192. Need help identifying Dawn's, Dijuva, Jenn and Dinapooh's Avatar...
  193. Tattoo advice
  194. What is....Something you are so over?
  195. Do you like having your picture taken?
  196. Remember dinner with Grandparents?
  197. I haven't heard from DH this morning...
  198. How old were you when...
  199. How am I supposed to interpret this???
  200. Hey...SHARI....pssst......racing question....
  201. How rude!
  202. I'm off to dinner
  203. How old is grandma?
  204. anyone want to pay our taxes?
  205. Has anyone ever bought furniture from Biglots
  206. Just heard from Dawn
  207. I Won Tickets....Again!
  208. sorry if you posted tonight...
  209. Does anyone know what quince looks like?
  210. God do I want some
  211. I'm glad nobody was here!!!!!!
  212. Keep Your Fingers Crossed!!!
  213. Hey, you shopping queens!!
  214. In post titles, what does STICKY mean?
  215. Freecylist has Similac Special Care 24 cal/oz
  216. It's one of those days
  217. What is your favorite feature of the new boards?
  218. Finally getting to it
  219. I have died and gone to heaven
  220. Any ideas for an ID bracelet?
  221. Who uses Vonage?
  222. Since we were talking about Blogs...need some creative thinking
  223. Do you 'blog'????
  224. Emergency numbers...
  225. Cell Phone News
  226. I Love My Avatar!
  227. DQ and maybe Kimmer...
  228. I am so bummed
  229. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Omg!!!
  230. Would you enjoy visiting a Third World country?
  231. what is everyone doing right now besides BBU?
  232. Dover PUblications is having a sale!
  233. ? For those of you who make DH lunch
  234. Score!!!!!!!!!
  235. I guess it's going to be rather slow here
  236. I think I'm crazy!...lol
  237. OMG Jan!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Just got back
  239. Stupid Rental Ad
  240. I was looking at my old post's...
  241. Anyone watch In A Fix???
  242. Has Anyone ever been a Mystery shopper?
  243. Not Fair!
  244. Holy Cow! How'd she manage to get by without telling us???
  245. This is why I love BabyU....
  246. US workers say they waste 2 or more hrs at work
  247. What is a resonable rate for Apartments?
  248. Asteriks by our names
  249. I have a ? for those of you who get Child Support
  250. Worls Ugliest Dog!