: Totally Off Topic

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  1. BBQ at work
  2. Mom's Night Out
  3. Good lunch today!
  4. Joe's Crab Shack
  5. Adobe Photo Shop CS????
  6. Are these cute or have I been drinking?
  7. Returning to College
  8. D*mn you all and Starbucks!
  9. Guess What????
  10. Help! I'm Making a Walking CD - Any New Music Out There??
  11. Do you talk on the cell phone while driving?
  12. Okay, I admit it...
  13. What's your favorite...
  14. I'm soooooo bored
  15. What are you doing with your...
  16. Looking for some cell phone help
  17. MMMMMMmmmmmm
  18. Ammunition for Coffee Drinkers!
  19. I try to be nice and boy did I change my mind LOL
  20. Cheryl it is all your fault!
  21. Now that's my kind of lunch!!!
  22. F**K that hurts!!!
  23. Dude!!!
  24. Why is it....
  25. Now I'm bored.. LOL
  26. I love summer....
  27. I am getting my rev today
  28. HELP where can I find a conversion
  29. tomorrow
  30. Dive Bomb!
  31. Bored, bored, bored
  32. Stupid Neopets
  33. How many ounces are in a pint
  34. Just gotta say this
  35. I have the place all to myself
  36. do you know what sounds sooo good right now?
  37. For a change it's not me!
  38. Dull, dull, dull
  39. Help Asap!!!
  40. Sweeeeeeeet!
  41. Annoying commercials!
  42. I saved how much????
  43. One of my favorite things....
  44. NC ladies....questions???
  45. need a prayer????
  46. Chicken Pot Pie for lunch
  47. More Resume Junk
  48. Writing a Resume - Objective?
  49. My New Theme Song
  50. Coffee Tip for the Coffee Clique
  51. Tips
  52. Off to Birmingham...
  53. Hey Why is no one posting?
  54. Won our 2nd appeal!
  55. All by mysel-el-elf...
  56. Set the neighbors talking
  57. Awright - who's got my
  58. Calling all fellow "big foot" girls!!!!
  59. Freezing...
  60. Think I need more sleep?
  61. I am so sick of this crap
  62. Anyone need a Pogo Pass?
  63. A guy bought me lunch!
  64. Say Something Positive Today ...
  65. Cheap CD's
  66. Dawn and Elaine, I see you
  67. SAHM Misconceptions
  68. Spring was in the air at the zoo!
  69. Hey Dana... did you
  70. Where the heck is everyone....
  71. Couldn't resist
  72. Those trouble makers... Yeah Liz & Jen
  73. Just wanna say . . .
  74. Work
  75. Flip them Friday!
  76. Could use some input
  77. Help I am so in need of today!
  78. Tell me if this is going to make me a bad mommy
  79. 482 envelopes stuffed and stamped later...
  80. With out looking?
  81. Hunk of the month
  82. Gotta love those Carl Black guys...
  83. Need help with an outfit!!!!!
  84. god he owes me
  85. What did I get myself into?
  86. Starving...
  87. For you Becca...
  88. I'm BACK.........................
  89. Can I borrow?
  90. Blizzards
  91. So, like what happens when?
  92. Ginobili causing problems ?!??
  93. SOOO nasty
  94. This is fun!
  95. Does anyone have BMG?
  96. Jeffy hold them off!
  97. UN worldwide survey
  98. What kind of father gives a child sugar before bed???
  99. Wanna see my MS walk team?
  100. Is it cheating?
  101. No! Not tonight please!
  102. What should I do for.....
  103. So did y'all know that I am having a baby in 3 weeks?!
  104. Question about our home loan payment?
  105. Is it too early?
  106. Virgo is the most fitness oriented eh?
  107. Oh Shari........
  108. Nominate Your Hero!
  109. Waaah! I missed it!
  110. I Think We Are Crazy!
  111. How did you know????
  112. Holy Cow!
  113. If you could move anywhere
  114. Happiest and Most Depressed U.S. Cities
  115. There's something about an afternoon...
  116. Was it DH?
  117. Guess I'd better...
  118. How often do you lose your keys?
  119. Can you hula hoop?
  120. For those of you who may have wondered...
  121. Alright confess!
  122. It's DOWN.............
  123. It DIED!
  124. Oh joy. It's snowing.
  125. What do you........
  126. What the heck???!
  127. Should I do it?
  128. Glad no one was watching moments?
  129. Where is Stephanie????
  130. Some ugly shoes
  131. Total Brain Fart
  132. Is anyone here from Oklahoma
  133. Shouldn't you have other things on your mind???
  134. Cell Phone Ring Tones
  135. Fmla
  136. She makes me sick.....
  137. What kind of keyboard do you have?
  138. Always a bridesmaid never a bride...
  139. Thinking of another tattoo-need help!!!
  140. Would you call the police???
  141. Ahhh nothing like a spyware free computer
  142. Is There Something You Keep Locked Away From The World?
  143. Making Everybody Happy
  144. Flying with a Baby
  145. Identity Theft
  146. Wax Lips
  147. Okay think hard!
  148. What are the last 5 websites you have visited?
  149. HAHAHAHA!!! Only in SEATTLE...
  150. I need your help and expertise everyone!!
  151. I am probably the last... check out my hunk avatar
  152. OMG!!! It's a MUST HAVE!!
  153. Hey yesterday I saw...
  154. Attn: Ladies - I Have a Very Important Message to Announce!
  155. Look what I got! I LOVE it
  156. We all need to be like this lady!
  157. Did you know I am a "ho"?
  158. Optical Mouse?
  159. When you buy stamps
  160. Am I a freak because I think.........
  161. Not sure just where to put this...
  162. Really should be working . . .
  163. What is an acceptable gas price now?
  164. A little whine to start off the day!
  165. how much is gas in ur neck of the woods?
  166. Dumbiest things I've heard all day...
  167. Did I tell you that I hate my car problems?
  168. What do you think about this swap?
  169. Do y'all remember my pool boy (kids' swim teacher) ?
  170. Only half-way through this beer...
  171. WENDY!!!! lol
  172. Looking for reviews of previous cruises?
  173. Mt. Rushmore
  174. Shaken, Not Stirred please!
  175. Day out with Thomas at Tweetsie
  176. Gas Prices and Vacation??
  177. Gas Prices Reach Another Record
  178. Drew has Strep Throat!
  179. I see a pattern here.....
  180. Tommy Hilfiger pants????
  181. Where has JenS been?????
  182. Where is you favorite place to go
  183. Nessa Hi I see you~
  184. What is you count?
  185. Oh Lord if it is not one thing or another.
  186. Somebody stop me
  187. The Shame of it all
  188. He knows how to make me feel bad
  189. A yucky little reminder
  190. Where is everyone???
  191. What are the things to look for to tell if they are fake or real?
  192. Does anyone know of a good free people search site?
  193. Hey, Jannie !!
  194. Man of the month: April
  195. You'll never guess what I just finished doing-
  196. The Scoop
  197. A day late and a dollar short, but ...
  198. I needed a change...
  199. Anyone out there...
  200. Anyone have a 9 year old boy????
  201. Ok--so what can I do for a week without a hubby and child?
  202. Guess what we have to do at 10:30?
  203. Say it isn't so....
  204. Quick - Other Than PayPal, How Can I Transfer Funds??
  205. Ridiculous
  206. I Need Flowers Sent to Nellis AFB!
  207. MP3 Players??
  208. Piercings
  209. Happy today?
  210. I need your help!!! Quotable Quotes!
  211. Someone please help me...
  212. Dylan was being strangled!!!
  213. hahahah...MJ....check it out..
  214. I'm on a quest...
  215. First thing this morning...
  216. Its 1:13am MSt....do you know where your family is?
  217. All in a day's work…
  218. Weird! Weird! WEIRD!
  219. How Should this be worded?
  220. OMG I am Exstatic RIGHT NOW!~
  221. Announcement...
  222. quick show & tell help!
  223. What is the meaning of sexual battery?
  224. Going to embarrass myself even more here but.....
  225. Question for those of you who have been on a cruise!
  226. Caught out big time
  227. Guess it's time to get moving
  228. What Do You Look Forward To The Most About Spring?
  229. Wearing Green
  230. This is the coolest!!!!!!!!!
  231. For any of you who don't celebrate Easter...
  232. Off to the OT - Again!
  233. Woohoo! I am doing it
  234. Have you ever used Funhouse?
  235. Old Navy Summer Clothes for US!
  236. Starbux Headache
  237. Did you know
  238. Good place for sending flowers???
  239. I gotta get off here!
  240. Need 401K help...
  241. If you haven't played LOTTSO on POGO....
  242. Really weird dreams
  243. Living in the past
  244. Any plans for Spring Break?
  245. still stuff of being stuff!!
  246. Baby is sucking my brains of cells
  247. What is on YOUR computer desk?
  248. Does anyone know where I can find....
  249. Is it just me?
  250. It's official.......We're having a DROUGHT!