: Totally Off Topic

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  1. There Should Be Some Sort Of Law....
  2. God knows! I just want to cancel people!
  3. Hunk
  4. The Felon Goes to court today!
  5. Does this poster describe your kids?
  6. When did Breast start growing on trees?
  7. Supper time usa/ What do you think of this
  8. What are YOU doin'?
  9. Oh baby it's so good...
  10. Hey quote question...
  11. All You 80's Music People! Guess Who Is Touring In A Double Bill Concert
  12. You Know Your Broke When.....
  13. Ticker places
  14. So why is everyone else up?
  15. Check for Sex Offenders within your zipcode!
  16. What was he thinking/I am such a meanie!!
  17. DUDE!!!! I'm Gettin' A Dell!!
  18. What is this thingy called?
  19. Hey DaiseyMae....
  20. What secret..
  21. I obviously listen to too much 80's rock ...
  22. How often...
  23. How do you store...
  24. Women Over 30
  25. I getta go! I getta go! I getta go!
  26. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. People locators
  28. You will NEVER guess what I bought!!
  29. What would you do?? HELP Me!!
  30. Anyone Have A Dell Computer?
  31. Just cleaned out my purse - What's in yours?
  32. Had to Join All You Ladies
  33. What Would You Like Less Of?
  34. What Would You Like More Of?
  35. OMG! I spent HOW much!?!
  36. "Um, Dana I don't mean to be rude but..."
  37. Any resume experts out there?
  38. I want this for Kyler
  39. Help me re-build my files!
  40. Ughhh
  41. I'm hunnnnnnnnnnnnngry!!!!!!!!
  42. Is it snowing where you live?
  43. Any Girl Scouts In The House???
  44. Would you do this?
  45. You'd think they could come up with something better
  46. meramec caverns...
  47. Returning things you've bought / got as gifts
  48. I am such a slug!
  49. Where is everybody today????
  50. Lamininated List....
  51. Hey Dawn...
  52. My Avatar is for..
  53. Bwwhahahaha!!!!!
  54. I swear I'm not pregnant!
  55. Jeans customized to YOUR body
  56. Some kind of wonderful
  57. So excited right now...
  58. Something stinky...
  59. Can somebody do something for me?
  60. How would YOU take this comment?
  61. Single mommy this week
  62. Driving in the Driving Rain!
  63. Breaking the law....
  64. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING me!
  65. Guess who I saw today?
  66. Would you ask for -
  67. I need a MAN.....
  68. Can it be?!
  69. lol...I'm never going to study now...
  70. PLEASE tell me it's bedtime!
  71. TV's...
  72. Job Application
  73. Who is Beverly East?
  74. Is yahoo working?
  75. Why am I still awake?
  76. Calling All Cordless Phone Owners!
  77. Vonage ??
  78. Whats for lunch?
  79. Liz
  80. Anyone from Ft. Worth, TX?
  81. Flying...checked baggage question
  82. Help! I am looking for a greeting card..
  83. Grace....
  84. what do u have as ur "homepage"?
  85. For all you coffee drinkers
  86. Why do these people talk to me?
  87. It should be legal to
  88. Correspondence school diplomas?
  89. How often do you dream someone is in love with you?
  90. Mr. Clean Eraser
  91. What do you think of this outgit?
  92. Whose body would you switch with if you could?
  93. Ok Ladies with mechanics for hubbies
  94. What's for dinner tonight?
  95. Bite Me Wednesday!!!
  96. What's for lunch today?
  97. It is how much?
  98. How much is your?
  99. What is your cell phone plan?
  100. How stuff works
  101. Someone help me out here
  102. Matthew Mcconaughey
  103. Hey Kim...question for you..
  104. Psssst.. Dawn!!
  105. What Is A Total Waste Of Your Time?
  106. Off to the store.
  107. I don't wanna!
  108. My DUH for the day
  109. Robyn, now that's a hottie!
  110. I think we all should...
  111. Aww... someone somewhere got this for Valentine's
  112. I'll be glad when technology comes up with a better_________?
  113. This could actually happen to me
  114. I'm not sure about this ...
  115. So, what am I gonna do tonight....
  116. Stephanie, who's the hottie?
  117. Sexy Men........
  118. Have you(heard)or tried this?
  119. My children now have a website!!!!
  120. So unbelievably bored
  121. Overslept again!
  122. Charles to marry Camilla !
  123. What is YOUR family(or child's) website?
  124. Who would pay $2000 for a pair of SHOES???
  125. I think I got caught!
  126. Whoo! Hoo!! Its Snowing Again!!
  127. Do you ever feel.....................
  128. What one thing could make your life a whole lot happier?
  129. have you ever been so tired that you just want to
  130. New phrases for a new year
  131. Sending food gifts---help!
  132. Stop it, stop it, stop it!
  133. There's noone here by that name
  134. How do they know???
  135. Ok, am I being a b*tch??
  136. If You Could Take A Class What Would You Study?
  137. Ok, that's it, I am NOT gonna do it....
  138. Speaking of Bad Grammar
  139. The rotten little spawn
  140. That Alien scared the crud outta me!
  141. Anyone know of a list, or information??
  142. Where can I find???
  143. Prepaid Phone Question
  144. I fainted!!!!!
  145. Friday Night, instead of sleeping..
  146. New auction site coming to your computer soon!
  147. I'm starving!!!!!!!!!!!
  148. peanut butter m&m's
  149. Football helmet
  150. So, Shari.....tell us !!
  151. Need to go
  152. Funnies thing I've heard today--Well, almost...
  153. Shari
  154. What does your spouse do
  155. Question for SAHM's
  156. Have you ever...
  157. State of the Union address tonight
  158. I have to apologize
  159. I think I need to join AA
  160. Any of you do FreeCycle in your area?
  161. What are your biggest pet peeves?
  162. I am published!
  163. That's it! I give up!
  164. Sit Down, Already !!
  165. Would anyone like....
  166. What are the best sites to get
  167. Winston-Salem, NC???
  168. Whoa!!!
  169. Magic Bullet
  170. If You Could Revist One Family Memory From Your Childhood What Would It Be?
  171. Have you heard of this?
  172. I Drove His Snowmobile By Myself!
  173. We have Vonage
  174. What will you do with your tax returns???
  175. Where's Heather?? (from LA)
  176. Midnight Central Standard TIme...
  177. My childhood church burnt down!
  178. Have you ever...
  179. Guess the cupsize!
  180. Miss Dana And Miss Kimmer
  181. What kind of 'movie candy' do you like??
  182. Verizon wireless customers...
  183. how about a chat this weekend?
  184. Bwhahahaha!
  185. Changing your name
  186. Yuck!
  187. Chips
  188. Favorite Cookies
  189. Oh dear... I forgot the Spam!!!!
  190. Another car question...
  191. Good Morning Ladies...
  192. Do you have a name for...
  193. I never want to lick another envelope again!
  194. What Were Some Of The Expressions You Used While In High School?
  195. Food for thought
  196. Who believes in
  197. If anyone is missing me I lost emails and phone numbers
  198. How would you handle this?
  199. I finally have dental insurance!
  200. WOW! for being this early, i see alot of people here
  201. I dont wanna
  202. One of those days
  203. Signs You're Spending Too Much Time ONline.....
  204. I want a cheap plane ticket, who should I use?
  205. Bwahahhaahhaha- Check this out!
  206. Sims games
  207. Its so pretty
  208. So.... Is it....
  209. Got Milk???
  210. New Stamp Rates?
  211. Lmao!
  212. It's pretty out there....
  213. Stapler problems
  214. Totally WAY off topic here.....
  215. In the Apprentice coming up who's side do you think you will take?
  216. Hey Lisa!!!!!
  217. Be back later....
  218. Interesting email
  219. OMG Mary Roach
  220. Desktop Weather
  221. Any Thomas fans out there?
  222. I'm a baaaad Mommy!
  223. Can anyone recommed a digital camera?
  224. No school today!
  225. Oh no......
  226. Resume question
  227. Do You Ever Feel Like Your Life Is Headed In The Wrong Direction?
  228. Hawaiin Breeze
  229. im craving something really good
  230. Who's temp is colder?
  231. Ughh... At least maybe I can weazle out of this one...
  232. It's really cold here...
  233. If you had...
  234. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Curious Question about donations
  236. Not for the easily offended....THIS is FUNNY...
  237. Peanut M&Ms
  238. Willow Tree figurines
  239. out of your day how much time do u spend on BBU?
  240. Current
  241. Tired of eating out...
  242. Pap-Test Reminder Sign-up!
  243. need some puter product advice
  244. The Crud really exists!
  245. Anyone Like Fashion Bug?
  246. Good lunch today
  247. Packers lose 31 to 17
  248. Lost my favorites - Help !
  249. Fruit2O
  250. Growth Chart Full Size!