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: Karen --EDD--11/01/2006--

  1. Acellyn Elizabeth is here!!
  2. 35 wks, tummy shot, moving, swelling, 11 pds in..
  3. Tummy Shot 33weeks!!
  4. Acellyn's going home outfit, we are closing today, doc appt
  5. I have NO maternity long pants, camping and SOLD
  6. You want to close on the house TOMORROW?
  7. My BP very low, pulse racing, packing and scared
  8. Tummy shot 30 weeks 5 days..
  9. Sold our house, packing, switching OB's WHAT A MESS
  10. Emotional mess today..I am scared to death
  11. My FLIPPING Insurance again, posting more stuff on ebay
  12. 25 week check up, emotional roller coaster world
  13. Someone wants to come and look at the house? WHAT?
  14. I am so excited!! Finally good news about the insurance!
  15. My baby is 4! I only have 16 weeks? Maybe less?
  16. I need HELP!! I am dying here..I hurt so bad, I cant walk
  17. My addiction, Dr's Appt, Insurance, freaking me out!!..Feeling horrible
  18. My Insurance, my van is broken and Mitch's father is STUPID
  19. 20 weeks, my bargins, stuff on ebay, beautiful day!!!
  20. Why in the POOH cant I sleep?
  21. My birthday..OH how I dreaded my birthday..but..
  22. Tummy Shot 19weeks2 days..Insurance update
  23. 18 weeks, insurance, feeling pretty good!!
  24. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!! 17weeks too!!
  25. Cramping, Dr's Appt, 15 wks6 days lost 1 pound, movement
  26. 15 wks, a question, bargins at Old Navy..
  27. We have a girls name, cleaning til I drop..did I get all this done in 1 day?
  28. WOW am I human again? 14 weeks 3 days
  29. Tummy Shot..I am getting huge 14weeks 2 days
  30. I got some baby clothes from OldNavy.com they are too cute!!
  31. Someone SHOOT ME!! I can feel...
  32. I think I am getting sicker instead of better 13wks6days
  33. Stupid Hormones
  34. My Dr Appt Today
  35. I have 2 questions, so I really need your help
  36. 12 weeks 4 days I have gained 15 pounds..EEK
  37. Hey Karen
  38. 12 weeks today, we have a boys' name, more storms
  39. Baby name search..turning out to be difficult~
  40. 11 wks 5 days totally dumbed and lazy today
  41. Karen's Baby Belly
  42. Just call me Larry Lobster
  43. My son only eats the OUTSIDE of the donut is this normal?
  44. My BLEEPING neighbor and puking already this AM
  45. I hit the Motherhood load at Goodwill...
  46. Please no more storms!!!
  47. 10 weeks 1 day..have I really made it this far?
  48. My 1st post to my journal, tornados, damage and feeling horrible