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  1. asthma, allergies, eczema, developmental delays. help!
  2. Chattering
  3. ADHD update part 2
  4. Adhd
  5. Inattentive ADD - medications, advice, etc
  6. commercial with popsicles and glass
  7. Morgan's Wonderland, First Large Theme Park for Those With Special Needs, Opens Sat.
  8. well....looks like Nathan has asperger's
  9. Software Company Only Hires People who Have Autism
  10. Who do you subscribe to?
  11. My buddy delirious from strep throat!
  12. Just a perfect fit!
  13. Autism treatment works in kids as young as 18 mos.
  14. Thomas the Tank Engine helps autistic kids identify emotions
  15. How do I deal with it?
  16. Report: Discipline Methods Endanger Disabled Kids
  17. People Smeople
  18. How 1 Autistic Young Man Runs a Business (very inspiring for parents)
  19. 6 year old son is afraid to use the school bathroom
  20. Appauled!!!
  21. Interesting Article
  22. ABA therapy
  23. How can I teach my child with autism abstract concepts?
  24. I need to brag!!!!
  25. About Sensory Processing Dysfunction (for MeShell)
  26. Daytrana
  27. not sure what's going on with Nate
  28. HealthDay Health Tip: Signs That a Child May Be Autistic
  29. Scientific American Fronters: Growing up different
  30. IEP Ideas, great start for me!
  31. Impressive Language Site
  32. School Home Liason
  33. US researchers call off controversial autism study
  34. Just want him tested...
  35. Good morning America interview with parents who have 6 children with autism
  36. Special Needs Check In
  37. Potty Training the child with autism
  38. Temple Grandin speaks on autism
  39. School is almost here, do your kids have to take Meds at school?
  40. Alisha and how she is doing
  41. Speech Therapy
  42. Great news!
  43. Behavior Charts
  44. Does gender make a difference?
  45. Child disability
  46. Awesome, awesome, awesome news!!!
  47. Early Onset Bipolar Disorder
  48. Paperwork
  49. My Little Man
  50. Don't know what to do about school....
  51. It's official, it's Aspergers
  52. Motivational Story...
  53. 2 and not talking
  54. Esy
  55. ADD & Dysgraphia
  56. Not medicating anymore
  57. Looking for info on two rare disorders
  58. What to buy all those therapists?
  59. A gift for all those therapists...
  60. IEP meeting today
  61. Need some advice about Dylan..
  62. Sigh of relief! Maybe???
  63. Logan!! Grrrr
  64. Homeschooling because of epilepsy?
  65. Need Help PLease
  66. Logan had his psych eval finally
  67. Just an example of what happens with no routine
  68. Help me, Help Duncan, Please.
  69. Not feeling cut out...
  70. Two Choices...
  71. Special needs childcare
  72. I think every mother needs to read this
  73. Hi I'm new
  74. I don't really see the point in this...
  75. What They Don't Tell You About Asperger's
  76. The Six Characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome
  77. Social Communication Class
  78. Frontal lobe
  79. This just broke my heart ...
  80. Sensory Learning Program?
  81. Logan's med check #3
  82. I am mildly irritated about this.
  83. Does this sound okay?
  84. Meds for autism?
  85. Parent Mentor and Transportation Director both called
  86. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  87. Results from the transition meeting
  88. Well, THAT didn't take long!
  89. Does this sound OK to you?
  90. Logan's melt down
  91. Haley's appointment
  92. ADD or inattentive ADHD
  93. No ADHD? DUH!
  94. Autistic Diet
  95. Can you review for me?
  96. Is it possible that he *can't* sing??
  97. Do you ever feel guilty...
  98. Adhd
  99. New School issues
  100. Parent Support Groups
  101. Special needs playgroups
  102. Again with the meltdowns…
  103. That's just TOO easy!
  104. When younger child mimics older child with Autism
  105. Finally! Some answers!
  106. Therapy and dealing with the stupid insurance company.
  107. Do you ever just break down?
  108. Diapers, rash, daycare called...
  109. The Family Resources saga continues...
  110. Enlightenment
  111. Financial impacts of special needs children
  112. Angry & Frustrated ... any suggestions??
  113. Finally heard back from Children's Hospital
  114. Breaking My Heart
  115. A little annoying…
  116. They have an opening!
  117. Where were they last year???
  118. How do you cope?
  119. Repeat behaviour
  120. Helpppppppppp
  121. Having some issues with the school...
  122. i don't know what to do
  123. What advice would you give other parents?
  124. Does anyone's child see a therapist?
  125. Sensory Integration
  126. Swim lessons and special needs?
  127. Music therapy may help communication skills
  128. Family Resource Program
  129. I'm making a book for Jonathan, and I need some ideas...
  130. Pecs ?
  131. Interviewing a private therapist
  132. SSI for children with diasabilities?
  133. Finding private therapy
  134. Autism Society
  135. Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism
  136. This would be a Godsend...
  137. what to do
  138. He did it again…
  139. Special needs dentists?
  140. my poor baby !!
  141. Separating the Myths from the Facts Learning disabilities: What's true? What's false?
  142. What Homework Help do you do at home?
  143. He is SO LOUD!!!!
  144. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Short Attention Span)
  145. Any special intrest for your child right now?
  146. How are report cards or mid checks?
  147. What do you do when the other parent "just can't handle it"?
  148. Should I start my own support group?
  149. Vitamin B6 and Autism
  150. What can I do about this biting?
  151. Anyone have to upgrade your vehicle for your child?
  152. Why Would Someone Want to Use a Special Needs Trust?
  153. Getting involved with MRDD
  154. Children's hospital is driving me nuts.
  155. Just a fun activity- For all
  156. Note 2
  157. Testing Results Appointment
  158. Behavior Chart, do you have one?
  159. A note to let you know you are special (You the parent)
  160. Muscular Dystrophy
  161. Is there a topic or information you like to have?
  162. Feb. Check in: What is your child doing this month?
  163. What if for the Special Need
  164. Money can be a problem but how much more of a problem with a Special needs Child?
  165. What am I supposed to do with all this information?
  166. Jonathan's teacher called...
  167. OT report
  168. King of the stick people
  169. Guess where I found my child....
  170. IEP Meeting results
  171. I hope he remembers!
  172. Zonegran allergic to it Alisha.
  173. Some test results
  174. Well i guess it has started
  175. Another IEP meeting
  176. Jonathan's hearing test
  177. Guess what? Alisha is just ADD
  178. What do I need to learn on ADHD?
  179. Testing Scheduled!
  180. $1348.00 ????????????????????
  181. How was the holidays with your child?
  182. Do you as a parent go to any support groups?
  183. Logan's CPSE meeting
  184. Going milk and glutten free
  185. Buying books, special toys for you child?
  186. A couple of issues with the school
  187. How is your child or children doing?
  188. We finally have an appointment
  189. Anger Management for Teens
  190. Anger Management for Children
  191. Turner Syndrome
  192. Can Church be a real true test of faith for you and your child?
  193. Do we have anyone that is allergic to Pumpkin?
  194. Cool Asthma Gear for Kids great for gifts
  195. Problems with th sound
  196. First day of preschool
  197. "Typical"
  198. Today is the IEP meeting
  199. What is ODD?
  200. Cloze Worksheets
  201. Graphic Organizers
  202. Speech Development in Toddlers
  203. Speech Therapy
  204. Do you have a sharing or manners book that you share with your child?
  205. Your Child's Evaluation
  206. Seeking Help for a Struggling Reader: 8 Steps for Parents
  207. Finding Help for Children with Reading Difficulties
  208. How Parents Can Be Advocates for Their Children
  209. Anxiety
  210. Is having a Disability an excuse for behaviour problems?
  211. Why should we have to explain?
  212. Strattera can cause suicidal thoughts
  213. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  214. Do(did) you worry?
  215. They said what?
  216. Tough to Reach, Tough to Teach
  217. Determine Reading Comprehension (Fun Way)
  218. Meltdowns ~ This is really frustrating me...
  219. I don't know what to do anymore
  220. Where do I go next?
  221. This might help your teachers that are teaching our special children
  222. Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?
  223. Hemiplegia
  224. We are just starting the IEP process
  225. Premature Babies - Long Term Issues
  226. Word Walls for the Dyslexic students
  227. National ADHD Day
  228. Sensory Processing Disorder
  229. Is your Child ready for school?
  230. Hello
  231. Autism auction
  232. How many Baby U children have tubes in their ears?
  233. How are you getting your child prepared for school again?
  234. Is your child taking swimming lessons?
  235. Testing and Insurance Copay ????
  236. Does your family/friends treat your child different?
  237. Talking to Children with Special Needs About Tragedy Events/Do they need to know?
  238. Snoring Can Predict Kids' Hyperactivity
  239. I haven't heard this before, but it would make sense...
  240. Does your employer treat you differently, because of your child's needs?
  241. Have anyone in your family with Alzheimer's Disease?
  242. Anyone have Vitamin Deficiency?
  243. IDEA: Proposed Regulations
  244. Normal tantrums?
  245. We all have special kids, what makes your child special?
  246. Does refusing treatment equal child abuse?
  247. Featured Article of the Month: The Dangers of Shaking Young Children
  248. Emotions can sometimes (FOR ALL)
  249. Big crowds = big trouble (FOR ALL)
  250. FAS or FAE Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effect