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  1. Jogging in place
  2. How much weight have you lost?
  3. Recipe calculator
  4. benefits of vitamin E?
  5. Eat, Before Cardio.
  6. Dark Grapes, for curing Migraines.
  7. Obesity
  8. Brisk walking for better memory (but not really sure if it will also work for younger people)
  9. I'm joining a gym!
  10. Week 1 - UGH!
  11. Just don't feel like it
  12. New Year, New You???
  13. 100 miles in 100 days
  14. Alli
  15. Unhealthiest Foods At The Mall
  16. Need Butt & Thigh toning ideas...
  17. So ready ...
  18. Overweight or Borderline kids...
  19. Anyone feel dizzy when they get off the treadmill?
  20. Weight watchers?
  21. What Soft Drinks are Doing to Your Body
  22. The Worst Movie Foods (and What to Eat Instead)
  23. Hey losers! - How are you doing?
  24. South Beach Diet
  25. Trying this again
  26. 50 Pound Mark!
  27. Don't laugh ~ Wanting to tone up
  28. Drinking water
  29. Health & Fitness goals
  30. I am doing it again!!!
  31. WOOOHOO Boot camp is working!!!
  32. eating well after giving birth
  33. The bare minimum amount of exercise you need to stay healthy:it's less than you think
  34. What type of workout plan do you have?
  35. Obesity Caught Like Common Cold
  36. Avoid Dizziness and Nausea While Exercising
  37. Workout Check In: Jan 19-25
  38. Who is trying acai?
  39. Jan. 18: Diet and weight loss check in
  40. Is Staying Fat Easier?
  41. Did you know? About Sugar!
  42. Anyone start a diet for 2009?
  43. Pound for Pound challenge
  44. Almonds health benefits
  45. New gym in town
  46. OK I am going to do it
  47. Acai Berry for weight loss
  48. Who's with me!
  49. Daily Weight Loss check in!
  50. Teaching nutrition tools for parents
  51. All by myself at PFZ
  52. How did this happen?
  53. Admiting That I Have A Prob
  54. I have lost 14 lbs...
  55. Got a fat gene? Get active for 3-4 hours a day
  56. Thinking Makes Us Pig Out
  57. Fit and fat: Study shows it's possible
  58. Diet Restrictions
  59. It was fate
  60. Any tips on getting rid of cellulite?
  61. McDonalds' Nutritional Information
  62. Study says turn TV off to stay slim
  63. How is everyone doing?
  64. Mobile phone battery dead? Try dancing
  65. DDW: Stomach Suturing Via Oral Route Reduces Teen Obesity
  66. Mood hormone may affect fat, U.S. study finds
  67. Australians more obese than Americans, study finds
  68. Woohoo for me
  69. 10 Healthy Foods Under $1
  70. Small Changes
  71. Wow, I wasn't expecting that
  72. Chocoholics wanted for new study
  73. Health magazine names top chain restaurant fare
  74. Time to move you butt!
  75. Protein Water
  76. Breakfast
  77. How will you excercise today?
  78. Need to Get Healthy
  79. What are you doing to fight the FLAB!
  80. spam
  81. One Busy Mom's Secret
  82. Upset with myself
  83. Water consumption
  84. Let's share...
  85. Thought that I would share this great new site
  86. Share your tips!
  87. How is everyone doing with the holidays?
  88. Yipee!!!
  89. Back to School Challenge Sign In!
  90. Challenge on PFZ was a no starter....
  91. The Gym... thought this was really funny
  92. Challenge...
  93. What have you lost?
  94. Too Funny
  95. How do you do it?
  96. Nutrition and Fitness for Kids
  97. After 14yrs I have finally just about made it!!
  98. For those who have lost a considerable amount of weight-
  99. The 10 Commandments of Body Sculpting
  100. Even limited exercise helps overweight women: study
  101. 'Fat maps' reveal hidden bulges in the thin
  102. Its working
  103. Between having stairs and...
  104. If I can't brag here then where else? LOL
  105. Woo Hoo! (a hootin' and a hollerin')
  106. Weight watchers progress
  107. Nutrition for Everyone: Guide to Nutrition by the CDC
  108. How's it going??
  109. Mineral deficentcies
  110. How does it taste?
  111. Great health site
  112. Eggs will raise your cholesterol, and other myths
  113. Who is up for a Spring Challenge?
  114. Nightmare of too little sleep is tied to too much weight
  115. Yawning during Weight Training
  116. Coffee after Working Out??
  117. What happened ...
  118. Has anyone tried the South Beach food?
  119. This is relatively healthy, isn't it?
  120. When your body doesn't match...
  121. YOU on a Diet
  122. Fitness Trivia
  123. ~*~*~*~*~fyi~*~*~*~*
  124. Anyone still use VHS tapes?
  125. sneaking in the vegatables
  126. Cooking Clubs
  127. Health & Fitness Magazine Specials!
  128. Workout Check In
  129. Who worked out today?
  130. For those that run ...
  131. Has anyone heard of this??
  132. Ouch Ouch Ouch....
  133. Getting Dizzy in the Mornings
  134. Sources of Potassium?
  135. What kind of athletic shoes?
  136. Waking up hungry
  137. Johnny before and after 50pnd weightloss
  138. My arms are mad at me!
  139. Losing Muscle Tone
  140. I got it!!!!
  141. Stupid comment of the day ...
  142. Do you have any specific goals?
  143. Turn your anger into exercise
  144. Are you on track?
  145. Really Really Thinking
  146. Pregnancy weight loss
  147. How has everyone been doing this week?
  148. Woo Hoo! 13 lbs down!
  149. Tues 1/9 check in
  150. What are your weight loss goals this week? 1/8
  151. Anybody up for a weekly challange ....
  152. Anyone have problems ordering Turbo Jam? I found this...
  153. Discovery Channels Body Challenge
  154. Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  155. A Dieter's Christmas
  156. Anyone want to make a weightloss/fitness resolution with me?
  157. I know that it's not the best way to lose but...
  158. Tips for those who want to start with baby steps
  159. Tips to help cut calories without giving up your favorites
  160. Tips to eat more veggies
  161. Tips to stick to your new healthy lifestyle
  162. Tips for those who already eat healthy, but continue to be overweight
  163. Tips to eat healthy low-cal dinners when you don't want to cook
  164. Tips to avoid holiday and special occasion temptations
  165. Tips to control a raging sweet tooth
  166. Tips to avoid bingeing
  167. Tips to improve eating habits
  168. Tips to help shed pounds with exercise
  169. Tips to manage emotional eating
  170. What is your real age?
  171. I need some support!
  172. Neener neener neener!
  173. Professor studies mind-stomach link
  174. Apple Cider Vinegar???
  175. UGH!! It's that time of year again!
  176. Want to prevent colds? Start exercising
  177. Need ideas
  178. Can I pick your brain?
  179. What are you doing to lose or maintain?
  180. 100 reasons to not eat the halloween candy
  181. I didn't know it made that much difference...
  182. Attention Everyone!!!!
  183. Healthy lunchbox advice offered
  184. I'll take it!!
  185. 5 lbs....
  186. Stress Eating
  187. That was encouraging!!!!
  188. I'm like a dude now...I can't stop flexing!LOL!
  189. Back To School Exercise Challenge at PFZ!
  190. Plate size influences portion size
  191. Lipton Green tea Mango & Manderian
  192. Woohoo !!!!!
  193. You know what is really not fair?
  194. For those of you with lots of weight to lose or
  195. Post workout munchies
  196. 8/7 Starting Over...
  197. Help! Arm Flab!!
  198. How can it be so bad for you
  199. Yep its 2:30 and I should be at the gym
  200. Ya'll have been quiet lately!
  201. August Exercise Challenge - Focus on the abs!
  202. That explains it!!
  203. WHAT? You have GOT to be kidding me!!!
  204. Thursday: Exercise Log
  205. DFI~Thursday July 20th, 2006
  206. I'm hot, sticky sweet
  207. Wed: Exercise Update
  208. DFI~Wed July 19th 2006
  209. Gotta Love the Slim Fast!
  210. Daily Exercise
  211. Tuesday: Exercise for the day
  212. DFI~Tuesday July 18 2006
  213. Liquid Diet
  214. What is your cutoff time?
  215. Monday weigh in: Week of July 17th
  216. Daily food intake: Monday July 17
  217. Figuring how many calories per day ...
  218. Daily Food Intake Sunday 07/16
  219. Is your diet being sabatoged?
  220. What do you do for exercise?
  221. How much are you trying to lose?
  222. Wanna do a daily log of food intake?
  223. Getting closer!!
  224. I have my first...
  225. New FREE weightloss site
  226. Weigh or Don't Weigh
  227. If I ever have the money to do this someday.....
  228. Wonder pill. Really.
  229. I'm having trouble eating enough of the right stuff
  230. For those of you who've tried Curves...
  231. anything for stretched skin?
  232. What the heck!!
  233. For those of you that love those Fraps you might wanna think again!
  234. After 22yrs I finally did it today!!
  235. Sleep More Important Than Diet For Weight Control
  236. Before & After(photos)
  237. I think I did something wrong...
  238. Exercise ball?
  239. Another motivating success story!
  240. Where are your problem spots?
  241. Diet shakes
  242. I don't know if it is because I am drinking the water now or what.....
  243. Question about water intake
  244. Do you take a vitamin daily?
  245. South Beach
  246. Are you a member of any fitness clubs or gyms?
  247. Favorite Healthy Snack?
  248. Workout check in!
  249. How much weight do you want to lose?
  250. 8 lbs in a week!!!!