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  1. Where are you going on vacation this year?
  2. What is youe favorite firework display?
  3. Team Cullen VS Team Black
  4. What do you like to make on the grill?
  5. Trying to decide on a portrait background
  6. Do you like to go camping?
  7. What laundry detergent do you use?
  8. Favorite day
  9. turkey or ham
  10. Do you make or buy seasoning packs, like Taco or gravy mix?
  11. The Best Frozen Pizza
  12. Vacation this year?
  13. What cleaning task do you spend the most time at?
  14. Fostering children
  15. I need your help here lol
  16. MySpace/Facebook question
  17. Do you still have a landline?
  18. Who is your wireless carrier?
  19. Are you going to watch the Superbowl?
  20. Names for our little girl
  21. Are gas prices going up in your area?
  22. What type of Christmas tree do you have?
  23. Do you throw away your Christmas ornaments every year?
  24. Your life on camara
  25. OK 'fess up, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
  26. What month where you born in?
  27. Do you like beef liver?
  28. What common food do you hate?
  29. How old are you?
  30. Early fall? Late Fall?
  31. How much do you spend on BTS?
  32. Class reunion fee
  33. Beauty pagents
  34. What Baby U member that you haven't met would you most like to meet?
  35. Kitchen sink cleaner
  36. Butter or margerine?
  37. Favorite Salad dressing
  38. Meal plan - weekly
  39. How many kids do you have?
  40. How long have you been a Baby U Member?
  41. Recipes
  42. Summer Vacation Plans
  43. Did you vote in the primaries?
  44. For any Big Brother fans....
  45. Washing machines
  46. Valentine's Day Poll #3 - What do you do for your guy?
  47. Valentine's Day Poll #2 - What do you want to get?
  48. Valentine's Day Poll #1 - What is your favorite flower?
  49. What kind of mattress do you have?
  50. Would you rather...
  51. If you were to vote today
  52. Which list are you on?
  53. What is your FAVORITE stage?
  54. How long does your hair cut take?
  55. Refrigerators
  56. Kitchen Appliances
  57. What disappears in your home??
  58. When do you start school?
  59. Favorite Genre of Book
  60. Which one? read post first
  61. Would you rather
  62. Do you wear sunscreen?
  63. If you could choose a country...
  64. Gifts for teachers
  65. Prints from digital?
  66. Julian Rhys or Adrian Rhys?
  67. baby bibs?
  68. Have you finished your taxes yet??
  69. How long does the candy last?
  70. What will your child(ren) call other people's parents/adults?
  71. What do your child(ren)'s friends call you?
  72. Which toe is longer??
  73. Safe
  74. Camcorders
  75. Birthday Party's Yes / No ?
  76. What’s your favorite thing to do in the spring?
  77. Loosing weight/getting your figure back after baby
  78. Do you watch soaps? What's your favorite?
  79. Home parties
  80. Home parties
  81. How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
  82. Are your ancestors Irish?
  83. When do you post in your journal?
  84. Do you use magic erasers? For everything?
  85. Boy or girl name?
  86. Spring fever
  87. Long or Short
  88. What movie should we go see?
  89. It's Presidents Day....
  90. Do you like fish?
  91. socks?
  92. Taxes
  93. Are you going to watch the Superbowl?
  94. Would you rather
  95. What do you call it?
  96. Sweet or Unsweetened
  97. Name Help!!
  98. Vacation During Cold Season or No?
  99. Egg Nog: Yea or Nay?
  100. Do you like your middle name?
  101. What time of day?
  102. Whats more kick butt?
  103. Do you have a will?
  104. Would you rather...
  105. What do YOU want for Christmas?
  106. What are the kiddos asking for Christmas?
  107. Whats more KickButt 2?
  108. The Sex of this baby!
  109. Whats more Kick Butt?
  110. Can you live without a Visa/Debit card in today's World?
  111. Narrowed down middle names -- HELP
  112. Do you share the same political beliefs
  113. TiVo
  114. Celebrities you are sick of
  115. Voting
  116. To freeze, or not to freeze!!
  117. Which one?
  118. Yet Another Would you Rather...
  119. Special parking privileges for moms?
  120. If you can guess what my dh said...
  121. Let's Make some Guesses!
  122. Rachel Ray - Love her or hate her ?
  123. Most likely to get arrested
  124. Celebrity most likely to get pregnant in the next year
  125. All about me
  126. Do you like liver?
  127. Same name as a hurricane?
  128. Favorite Omlet
  129. Favorite thing to have for breakfast
  130. If you could be on a reality TV show
  131. baby room colors
  132. Best meal
  133. Have you ever seen one in person?
  134. How often is the weather report accurate for your area?
  135. BOY O GIRL for DQKaren Baby??
  136. Water
  137. Help me decide! To find out the sex or not!
  138. Another Would you Rather!
  139. So, what sucks dirt for you??
  140. Have you ever hired movers to move you locally?
  141. Wiflyer
  142. Would you rather...
  143. Should I do it?
  144. For BBU'ers..or SO's...with office jobs
  145. City, suburbs or country?
  146. Calendar
  147. laundry detergent
  148. Major
  149. What's Your Favorite
  150. How Many Cookbooks Do You Own?
  151. If you could look like a movie star..
  152. Where is your favorite place to camp?
  153. What is your favorite thing on toast?
  154. How do you like your eggs?
  155. Rocks or Mulch?
  156. How often do you pay your house insurance?
  157. What do you like on your hamburger?
  158. How often do you go to the dentist?
  159. What is your favorite kind of lemonade?
  160. Do you pay to have your car washed?
  161. Which room do you spend most of your time?
  162. What kind of milk do you buy?
  163. saving money on gas
  164. McDonald vs Burger King
  165. Easter Eggs
  166. Circumsized??
  167. How often do you forget about your laundry in the washer/dryer...
  168. POTW Mar.27-Apr.2 Advance in your cash do you think that is smart?
  169. Do you cook low fat?
  170. What is your favorite color?
  171. What is your favorite season?
  172. Avatar Challenge 4 Favorite Drink
  173. Dish Network vs DirecTV
  174. POTW march 20-26 Is MySpace.com good or bad?
  175. What's your favorite kind of excerise?
  176. Avatar Challenge 3
  177. Alrighty help me decide ~ Please!
  178. Quote for Alexis' Room
  179. POTW March 13 What do you do with your system and network logs?
  180. Avatar Challenge 2
  181. Watching the Oscars?
  182. POTW March 6 - 12 Do you?
  183. What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
  184. Avatar Challenge Which did you like?
  185. POTW Feb 27- March 5 Should athletes be punished for inappropriate violence?
  186. What was the last rotten thing your child(ren) did?
  187. What color are your eyes?
  188. POTW Feb. 20-26 Terrestrial (AM/FM Radio) continue to fade away because of Satellite
  189. Which do you prefer?
  190. POTW Feb 6 - 12 What decade does your favorite music come from?
  191. Do you dink in front of the kids?
  192. Do you like oatmeal?
  193. POTW Jan. 30-Feb.5 Is our current space program a joke?
  194. POTW Jan 23-29 Who is your favorite movie director?
  195. The Superbowl
  196. Did You...
  197. POTW Jan 16-22 Would it offend you if there was a class on religion in schools?
  198. What is Leah (Autumngirl) having?
  199. Time to vote for December MOTM!
  200. POTW Jan.9 - 15 What style of outdoor cooking do you prefer?
  201. Mothers ring
  202. Do you think it's easier to clean a big home or a small one?
  203. Birthday theme (HELP!!!!)
  204. Do You Call Family And Friends At Midnight?
  205. Did you indulge in adult beverages last night?
  206. POTW - What is yoru New Years Resolution?
  207. Another New Years poll
  208. Are you going to a New Year's Party?
  209. POTW Dec. 18-25 Do you...
  210. Shall Kate and I go to the movies?
  211. How long would you wait?
  212. POTW December 12-18
  213. HELP please asap
  214. The news vs the weather channel
  215. Let's vote! November's MOTM!
  216. POTW Dec 4-11 What is your favorite?
  217. I would welcome aliens to Earth if they...
  218. What is your Mother's name? MIL?
  219. POTW Nov27-Dec3 Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen
  220. Baby loses pacifier every day
  221. Which preferred Electronical Game?
  222. Are you a nut lover? POTW Nov 13-19
  223. Would you do this???
  224. Favorite type of earrings
  225. Would you eat this?
  226. In your home
  227. POTW Nov 6 - 12 Do You Believe
  228. Working on a store name ~ What do ya think?
  229. CRAFTING CLUBBERS - Learn/How to - Chat
  230. Crafting Club Exchange
  231. more girls name
  232. more boys names
  233. Vote for October's Moderator of the Momth!
  234. How do you drink your coffee?
  235. What kind of milk does your child like to drink?
  236. favorite fruit
  237. In an eat off
  238. Most likely to be kidnapped by aliens
  239. High school class ring
  240. Ring size??
  241. Written or Spoken?
  242. TIE BREAKER .. Coupon Club President
  243. Fave Girl Name
  244. fave boy name
  245. POTW Oct. 23-29 Are we sinful beings from birth?
  246. girl names
  247. boy names
  248. VOTE HERE .. Organization Club Vice President
  249. VOTE HERE .. Organization Club President
  250. VOTE HERE .. Crafting Club Vice President