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07-11-2002 11:36 AM
tbarone28 Joshua was 29 inches at 6 months and he was to long for the small seet so we got a big one that he still uses now at 2 years
07-11-2002 11:29 AM
AWKSMOM Like I said, I didn't have this problem with Alexander. But they do make the bigger car seats that can be used for infants and toddlers, and they are bigger and have more room. When used rear facing for infants, it should give them more leg room than the infant car seat would. Since you'd have to buy one anyway, I'd go ahead and try that and see if it didn't help. It's a lot safer than turning them around before they are ready. JMHO
07-11-2002 12:03 AM
rchase05 That is probably a good next step
Please let us know if you do
07-11-2002 12:02 AM
Meagan Well I guess that is a good point Did you ever call the manufacturer?
07-10-2002 07:27 PM
Jenn Connor was about 6 months old when we put him in a regular car seat. He was way to heavy and to long for the infant one. It is so cute to see his little eyes peering over the front of his seat!
By the way, I have Connors car seat forward facing.
07-10-2002 05:26 PM
rchase05 Wow they are very dedicated to keeping people alive.
How did you re-act when he gave you the broken leg comment.
I would be a little upset that they couldn't come up with a way to protect his whole little person.
07-10-2002 05:23 PM
Miss Bea Haven Henry had his check-up today and I asked about the carseat. In Ohio, the law is rear-facing until 20lbs. AND one year of age. If his feet touch the seat, I still have to leave him rear-facing. I was told they can fix his broken legs if we're in an accident, but they can't fix his head if he's injured while forward facing. Hopefully, he won't grow much longer between now and his bitrthday in September.
07-03-2002 09:56 PM
rchase05 My cousin had very large babies too.
Her pedi did ok the turn around but after he checked neck strength and made sure he was capable of holding his as a 1 yr old would be able too.
She also talked to her local police dept. because she was worried that she would be fined for not using her seat properly.
Is getting another seat an alternative. I know they are costly, but some stores will let you try them in your car with your baby in them if you leave a credit card or a store clerk will go out front with you?
A lot of seats now are farther away from the back of the seat because of the way the bases sit.
07-03-2002 07:35 PM
Miss Bea Haven The seat we have is the type that is for rear facing up to 30 lbs and one year of age, then it's to be turned around for forward facing. It's not one of the infant carrier kinds with a handle. He outgrew that by the time he was five months.
I looked at my manual, and it says the seat should be faced forward when the child's feet can touch the back of the seat. Henry's feet already touch the back of the seat. He's really big for his age. I worry about turning it around though because I've read that children should face backwards until they're a year old.
I think I'll try calling the manufacturer's #800, and ask if there's a length limit for rear facing. Thanks for all your suggestions!
07-03-2002 06:31 PM
Cammie Nay You should call your local Children's hospital and ask them what you should do.
07-03-2002 05:42 PM
AWKSMOM I agree with Meagan. If you get a seat that can be used rear and forward facing, it should give your child enough room until he is old enough to turn around because they are larger than the infant car seats.
07-03-2002 05:33 PM
Meagan Can you move him to a larger car seat? One that fits him better? Gavin had that problem also and when we moved him to the bigger seat it was much better.
07-03-2002 12:03 PM
Miss Bea Haven Does anyone know what to do when the baby is under one year old but too long for rear facing?

Henry is nine months old, and weighs over 26 lbs. Our carseat is rear-facing right now, but he can touch his feet against the back of the carseat. There is no way he's going to be able sit that way much longer without bending his legs to fit. I checked the manufacturer's website, but it doesn't say anything about length, just weight. I'd appreciate some opinions about this.
07-03-2002 11:39 AM
dinapooh2 Thanks! We will definitely have to start looking at these soon!
07-03-2002 12:54 AM
Cammie Nay We put Cam in a convertible around 10 months. It's a Cosco Alpha Omega. We took it to the car seat check and they said this is the car seat they reccommend. It is the one with the harness not the front bar. They said don't get that one. Anyway, it was about $129 but it turned around front-facing, turns into a booster and will last up to 80 lbs. which at the rate she's going that may be 12 years old. I love it and it's a pretty fuzzy black which has matched the interior of my 2 cars it's been in.

I thought I knew how to install her carseat but when my paranoid self took it to the car seat check, they still had adjustments to make. It wasn't as safe as I thought. If in doubt, make an appointment or look for mobile checks around your town. It's usually free and it gives you an extra piece of mind. I really appreciate those folks!
07-02-2002 11:20 PM
Meagan We moved Maddie right before the move because she wanted to sit up..not lay down and I did not want to hear her scream the whole way from Maryland to Indiana (did it anyways though). She was a little over 6 months when we did that. We have one of those that is rear facing I think up to 30 pounds and then forward facing up to 40 pounds. It is a Century and has the 5 point harness which I love. It was around $50 at the PX but I have seen them at Wal-mart for the same price.
07-02-2002 09:21 PM
rchase05 most newer convertible seats now are rear facing up to 30 pounds.
century makes some really great 5 pt and thet are very affordable.
evenflo does too.
hope this helps.
check out
they offer a lot of seats and show different views
07-02-2002 08:50 PM
Liz&NicksMom Liz was out of her infant car seat when she was 4 1/2 months old. We then bought a convertible carseat because she was still having tobe rear facing. After my acci.dent we. had to buy a new car seat so webought one to go from carseaty to boosterseat
07-02-2002 08:31 PM
Elaine We switched from an infant car seat to a 5 point harness when Zach was 7 months old. Ours doesnt' have the bar that goes infront of baby and that is why I like it so much.
Haley had one and everytime she fell asleep her head would fall forward and rest in the corner and I couldn't ever see her face. It scared me.
07-02-2002 07:11 PM
Roxanna30135 Kale was moved out of his infant car seat into a convertable when he was 4 months old. He was a very long baby! He is still rear facing and will stay that way until his first birthday .. he is well over 20 lbs now!
07-02-2002 07:05 PM
AWKSMOM They have to be both. Before they are a year old, their necks aren't strong enough to support them in case of a car accident, so they need to wait until they are at least a year old. If you're child still doesn't have good neck support then, you'd probably want to wait a little longer still.

They also need to be 20 pounds for basically the same reason. Unless they are at least 20 pounds, they would be too light to be protected from harm in case of an accident if they were sitting straight up and facing forward.

Hope this helps. And I'm going by NC law. I'm assuming this is standard for the whole US.
07-02-2002 06:54 PM
AutumnGirl What if they're over 20 lbs., but not yet one year old?
07-02-2002 06:45 PM
AWKSMOM Whatever you do, remember that a child has to be 1 year old AND 20 pounds before they can be forward facing.

Alexander was under 20 pounds when he turned one year old, so he had to stay rear facing a little longer. Luckily he was not too long for his infant seat (although he was getting there), so he was able to stay in it until he weighed enough to turn him around.

We now have one of those seats that can be rear or forward facing for children up to 40 pounds like Leah was talking about. If your child has outgrown the infant seat but hasn't met both requirements to turn him around, look for one of these.

Alexander's seat has the five-point harness, which I love!! Easy to get him in and out of, and keeps him snug and secure.
07-02-2002 05:47 PM
AutumnGirl Dina, we are going through the same thing right now, Sydney is almost 6 months old and weighs about 17 1/2 pounds. Sydney's only got a few pounds left to go, before she can't be in her infant car-seat anymore. Not only that, but her head's almost to the top. She is starting to sit forward in it and it doesn't seem to hold her very snug anymore.

We are looking into getting one of those Fisher Price car seats that have just the buckles, not the restraint system. You can have them rear-facing until 22lbs. and then they're good front-facing, up to 40lbs. The one thing that I've found with the buckles, is that Sydney is always playing with the plastic buckle, trying to eat it and as a result, it's always coming undone. But I've also heard that the restraint system is a pain in the butt. I guess it's just personal preferance. Let me know what you decide to do, I could use some tips too.
07-02-2002 05:31 PM
Spaggie Ally was about 7 or 8 months old when we put her in a regular car seat. She was too long for the infant seat. We bought a Fisher Price car seat that goes from car seat to booster seat - up to 8- pounds. It cost $100, but if you figure in the cost of buying a car seat and then a booster seat, you actually save $$. It has a 5 point harness, which I love. And as much as she plays with it, she can't get it open.
07-02-2002 05:25 PM
dinapooh2 I was just wondering what you all did when your baby outgrew his/her car seat. Jonathan is getting so long that I don't think he'll be in the infant car seat much longer. If we sit it down in the floor, he can wiggle out of it, which doesn't make me feel very safe. He plays with the little 3-point restraint buckle thing the entire time we're in the car and when we get him out, he's usually gotten it loose and is chewing on it or something.

What kind of car seat did you go to from the infant seat? And at what age?

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