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04-26-2001 08:21 PM
SupaMa Personally, I think the chubbier, the more adorable !! Really, my daughter is 11 months and weighs about 21 lbs. . . I know that's not too much . . . but my man always calls her Chunkmins or chunky butt . . . in a loving playful way. She actually gets mad and will throw her arms up in the air if she sees that you have food and aren't sharing with her LOL It's so cute!! Don't worry ladies . . . I find it adorable.
03-04-2001 03:13 PM
Spaggie Clover9990:

I understand what you are saying. When Drew was 3 months was when the Dr. told me to put him on solids. He started eating 3 "meals" a day and snacks, plus 4 bottles. None of my baby books (and I think I read them all!) said anything about the amount he was eating everyday and I didn't know any better. All I knew (or thought I knew) was that the baby should be about 6 months old before you started solids.

He has always been a big eater from the day he was born. Even now he eats continuously. He's 6 1/2 and only weighs 46.5 pounds and is 47 inches tall, but he eats like he has been starved! His teacher even asked me to send more for him to eat at snack time because he would be so hungry that he would start eating his lunch! The doctor says he just has a very high metabolism -- wish I did! I guess it does run in the family. One of my nephews is 16, 6 ft. 4 1/2 inches tall and only weighs 175. That's really not much when you consider that I am 5' 7 and weigh 162!

You know, maybe him drinking that much would explain so many wet diapers. If I remember right, our diaper expenses went down not long after we started him on solids! LOL!

[Edited by Spaggie on 03-04-2001 at 12:16 PM]
03-02-2001 06:49 PM
Kristenph I would like to add my 2 cents into this. I agree in that I don't think most people are trying to be rude. I noticed that the world has been a much friendlier place since I've had babies. I like that people talk to me in stores. (I don't want them touching my children though!!) I guess it's because I quit working when my ds was born almost 3 years ago and I get lonely for adult conversation. Anyway, I think a lot of times it's just something to say.

I have the complete opposite problem with my dd now. She had her 12 month checkup and weighs only 17 lbs 7 oz! That is the 5th percentile! She is 28" long. My family tells me that she is just going to be petite. (I am 5'3" and my husband is 5'7". His sisters and mother are all shorter than me.) I still worry though. Even the doctor said she was fine, but it drives me crazy that she is so small. At this rate, I won't be able to turn her car seat around until she is 18 months old!!
03-02-2001 12:14 PM
Robyn Awww.. Tough to watch them grow so fast huh?

Austin had a WIC appointment on Tuesday and he weighed 23.7 pounds and was 28.5 inches long. All the ladies were like "Wow! He's a big boy" He was the biggest baby there that day! LOL
He too is in the 95% in weight.. but only in the 75% in height so he's a little short chubby kid! LOL
03-02-2001 11:57 AM
Diana Found out yesterday that my little four month old baby is in the top 95% of both weight and length....18 lbs. and 8 ounces, and 27 inches long.
03-02-2001 01:55 AM
India They probably just think that he is big for his age. My nephew was and still is. When he was born he looked like a sumo baby. He was only 1 and wearing a size 3T. He has grown out of the "fat" baby stage that he went through. When your son starts walking he will fill out. My oldest dd was like that. She was a small baby when she was born. By age 1 she looked like the Michelin baby. When she started walking and crawling her being so active made her fill out. She was not fat by any means. Some baby's just have a little baby fat that they grow out of. My baby is only 5 months old and weighs 15 lbs. Of course she was born 9.1 . She has the fat rolls on her arms and leg and the double chin. But she is not obese by any means. She will also grow out of it, once she becomes more active. Don't let peoples comments get to you.
02-28-2001 07:23 PM
Tara Devon is as tall and as big as a 4 year old and I get the same reaction all the time. Only worse because my DH's family always says how chubby he is when he is clearly not fat. He doesn't even look chubby. They think he has to be stick thin like them. They make smart remarks right in front of Devon and it makes me so mad!! I have literally had to tell them off to protect Devons feelings. I don't want him to grow up with a complex about hisself. In turn this upsets my husband because he want's us all to get along. I have decided not to take it anymore and Devon doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from his own family. Sorry ladies, I'm getting carried away, it just makes me so mad!!
02-28-2001 06:08 PM
Diana I was figuring up my formula I make and Alexis drinks exactly 32 ounces a day...and maybe 4 ex. for a snack...
02-28-2001 05:05 PM
Dawn The doctor got on me for Cody drinking over 32 ounces per day. I was told to substitute a bottle of water for one of the formula bottles. Wow!
02-28-2001 12:50 PM
Clover9990 Just wanted to comment to Spaggie...

I totally agree with you...all kids have their own growth patterns, and as long as they stay on track, it shouldn't be worrysome. One thing mentioned your son was drinking 64 ounces of formula a day. Nowadays, most doctors will tell you that that is far too much liquid for a baby to be drinking each day, regardless of his/her size. I can't remember the exact reason that 3 different peds told me this (Cameron was up to 50 ounces a day and that's when I got the lecture) but besides their stomachs not physically being able to hold that much liquid, there were numerous reasons why I was told to find other things to feed him, and to hold him off on drinking so much. I was just stunned to see you say your DS had 8 8 ounce bottles a day...granted, he sounds adorable and healthy now (as I am sure he was then) but now they advise you NOT to feed your baby that much formula. Has anyone else been told this?

02-26-2001 05:03 PM
CAGmomof1 Haley went today for her 9 month checkup! Haley had to go today to the doctor and I am so proud of her she had her finger pricked and two shots in her legs today! She took it and she only cried for a little while! She now weighs 16lbs 11oz. and is 27 inches long! I am so proud of her she doesn't have to go back till after she turns one and she turns one in May!
02-26-2001 04:58 PM
Diana Alexis weighed 16 lbs 10 ounces when we went to the dr. last which was about three weeks ago and I go to the dr. with her thurs. for her 4 month check up and I bet she weighs 18 lbs. or more. She is not exactly fat just long and a little cubby. No one says anything to me rude. But I have heard that she is bigger than other babies her age a lot but big deal I least you know she is healthy...and she is. The dr's said she is in the 95 percentale of babies her age. Don't worry about what anyone says. I am sure all of you guys have beautiful or handsome babies!! I think mine is beautiful!!
02-26-2001 05:36 AM
Doublemum Don't worry, all of you mums out there with (so-called) large babies.

My youngest son weighed in at just under 9 pounds at birth, he was two weeks early and had doubled his birth weight by the time he was two months. He is now 14 months and is just starting to lose the weight.

My eledest son weighed in at just six pounds at birth, but he was six weeks early (imagine if he had been full term). He also doubled his birth weight in only a couple of months. He was about 2 when the weight literally fell off. He is now 4 years and is as skinny as anything. He weighs as much as my 14 month old.

So just because your children as on the chubby side now doesn't mean that they are going to stay that way.
02-18-2001 02:26 AM
wndrmom I understand somewhat. My son is 19 1/2 months old and just barely 20 pounds! His doctor swears I starve him. My parents joke he's got worms or something. After a while it really starts to hurt. I mean the boy never stops eating!!! If only I had his metabolism.
02-17-2001 05:48 PM
Spaggie respond to this thread. When Drew was born he was 7 lbs 8.4 oz & 19 1/2 inches. Just about "average". At 3 months he was 17 lbs, 22 inches, had already cut his first tooth and was taking 8 8oz bottles a day. He wouldn't eat cereal (always spit it out), so we had to start feeing him solids (baby food). Until he was 4 he was always (and I do mean ALWAYS) the largest kid in his daycare class. In fact, he was so big at 18 months that they had to move him to the 2-3 year old class. At 1 year he wore 2T clothes. I got constant comments from people because he was so "chubby", "big", "large", etc... The doctor said he was perfectly normal for him. I was so used to him being bigger than other kids his age that I got worried when he seemed to quit growing at 4 years old. He wore the same size for just over 2 years! Now he is going through a growth spurt (5T to 5 slim to 5 to 6 slim in less than 6 months!), but is still very skinny, so now I hear the other side. In fact, even I have said to him that he looks like I don't feed him enough! As long as the doctor says he is healthy I don't worry. But sometimes I just want to bonk people who make comments, especially within his hearing. What, do they think he is deaf? He actully asked me a few years ago if he was fat after someone made a comment about how big he was?! I'm not sure if he even really understood what he was asking, but I told him he was perfect just the way he was.

Now I get comments about my daughter (6 weeks). She is small (0-3 month clothes are still very big on her) and people constantly comment on how tiny she is (even though she is up to 8 lb 4 oz - 2 lbs since birth!). Having learned (hopefully!) from my DS's experience, I just say that Ally is the perfect size for Ally!
02-13-2001 01:21 AM
knee cole I have several things:

1.Angela is almost 6 and is still wearing a size 4 slim in clothes. 4 regulars are too big.

2.Brandon is almost 5 and is wearing size 6 pants and 7-8 shirts. He was a chuncker as a baby and trimmed the fat when he was able to run and play with his older sister and the dogs.

3.Kitty-Cat is 2 and wears a 3T, though she has no hips to keep pull-on pants up.

Babies grow at different rates. All three are fine, so says their doctor at a check-up in January 2001.

4.These people are probably telling us (yeah, I got the big boys with Brandon and I get the skinny and big girls now) because they don't know what else to say. Been there, done that. These people just stuck their foot in their mouths and are trying desperately to save face. I will admit that I did it just this morning on a little boy getting his picture taken at work. He was 6.5 months and I thought he was 4 or maybe 5 months old. I said as much and appologized to the baby and everyone pretended everything was fine.

Remember that they don't live with your child everyday and don't see you feed you "underweight" child or see the healthy food you offer to that "overweight" bundle of joy. Our dr said not to worry too much as long as they are healthy, happy and within a certain percentile.
02-12-2001 12:12 PM
Robyn Thank you crj!!

Although since that post.. LOL Austin has gained 2 pounds! hahahaha at 7 months.. (TODAY 2/12/01) he weighs 22.7 and is 28 inches long.. the doctor tom\ld me on fruday that he isn't fat at all.. he has a lot of muscle now from crawling and pulling himself up.. she said she see's no problem in it at all and that is is just going to be a very good football player! (that made my finace`'s day! LOL)
02-12-2001 02:10 AM
crj96 When my oldest daughter was born, she weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. From then on she just grew and grew. People used to tell me all the time that she was fat and it would really get to me! The worst was when a woman I know would tell me she looked just like her daughter did as a baby - and now her daughter's obese. I was so worried that my little girl would have the same type of weight issues throughout her life that I've had. Well, now that she's almost 3, she has thinned right down. Now she's tall and slender like her daddy. I was SO relieved!! My little one, who's now 7 1/2 months old is pretty much the same. She's a little longer, but about the same weight. Whenever someone comments on her size, I just smile a big one and say, "I love my chubby babies!" I've said it so much I truly believe it! How could you not love all those little folds and pouches - and those cheeks!!
Also - a certified lactation consultant told me some very interesting facts about baby size. It seems all those height/weight charts that the Dr.'s use were developed using formula fed babies as the sample. She said that breastfed babies normally fall very high on those charts until about 18 months when they begin to average out with the formula fed children.
Hope that helps!
02-07-2001 04:57 PM
Kristi Just remember...Dr's love chubby babies!! To me, that tells me that they are healthy!!! My son is 6 mos and 19 lbs...27 1/2 inches long...he is a monster next to others his age and I love it!! I guess that he takes after his mommy?...(His father was a twin (born 4 lbs) and he was the size my son is now...when he was 1 year old!!) So, next time someone says how "fat" your baby is, just reply..."yup, he's a healthy boy!"
02-04-2001 06:40 PM
Clover9990 Dawn~
You and your DH could be our missing twins! LOL I am 5'1" and my DH is 5'9"-5'10" too! Cameron has VERY broad shoulders, but my DH does, too, as do the rest of the men on his father's side of the family. Even Courtney has big shoulders! Didn't you have a rough time delivering Cody or something? Cameron had severe shoulder dystocia because his shoulder was stuck behind my pelvic bone as I was trying to give birth to him. Gotta love vacuum extractions and 4th degree episiotomies! NOT! hehe

Jessica sounds just perfect, by the way!

02-04-2001 06:08 PM
Dawn Jessica is only 38 pounds and fairly tall (can't remember specifics at the moment). She's lean and mean. Everyone keeps telling me Cody will start slimming down soon -- but I've yet to see that happen. He's really big across the chest, so I don't know.

Funny cause I'm only 5'2 and DH is only 5'9. At the rate they're going, they'll both be taller than us by the time they are 10. LOL
02-04-2001 05:31 PM
Clover9990 Dawn~
Yeah...we had the same problem with diapers for Cameron when he was younger...he was "short and stubby" for a little while there! I'll bet Cody kinda-sorta follows suit like Cameron did, and won't gain too much weight between 1 year and 2 years but will shoot up in height. How big is Jessica? It's amazing how Courtney is so big...I mean, she only drinks about 25 ounces of Nutramigen a day!

02-04-2001 03:57 PM
Dawn LOL Carolyn --

that's exactly the kind of reaction I'm talking about! (just kidding!)

He's a very hefty 27 pounds. I wish they'd make "husky" baby clothes like they do older boys. We don't wear Huggies, so I don't know if that would make a difference. We like Luvs -- which he can still barely wear a 5 in, and a 6 is actually too big in my opinion. He's in that in-between stage. And generic diapers are always cut smaller, so he's definitely in a 6 in generics. BUT, the size 6, at least in the Luvs, are too long. I can't win!
02-04-2001 03:11 PM
Clover9990 Robyn~
LOL, my DH and I thought that Cameron would be a football player, too...but watch, our boys (AJ and Cameron) will want to be dancers in a ballet or something! LOL (Not that there's anything WRONG with that, but...well...ya know...)

02-04-2001 03:07 PM
Clover9990 Dawn~
HOLY COW! (Not meant in offense in any way...I love big babies!) But how is Cody in size 6 diapers? Cameron weighs about 30 pounds and is still in size 5 diapers! Do you buy a different brand than we do, maybe? (We use Huggies Ultratrim on him.) How tall is Cody? Cameron was always a big baby, too, but he's barely gained any weight (5 pounds or so???) since he turned a year old...mostly because he shot up in height! Plus, we don't know how the boy grows, since he barely eats anything!

Courtney is on track to be a big baby, too. She weighed 17 pounds about 2 weeks ago when she was only 4 1/2 months old. Yup, she's our Chunka Monka, and we are darned proud of her!

*Hugs!* Carolyn
02-03-2001 04:21 PM
bollermom I also have a "big girl". I've heard it so many times that there's no way I can count all of them. What's interesting though, and never occurred to me until I read all of these posts, is that it never occurred to me to be insulted when people say that. All the babies in my family are that way, and every single one of us slimmed down and many of us were downright skinny for the rest of our childhoods. I don't think that most people are saying "what a fat baby" when they say "what a big baby." Maybe some do mean that, but I think most people have better intentions. Like others have said, only what you and your doctor think are what matters.
02-02-2001 04:13 AM
Radmand I just have to say, Pierce is 17 lbs, so he is right there in the average...but, I always wanted a big baby. Just be proud that they are well fed, well taken care of and not under nourished. People will always say insensitive things, but the more you worry, the more your child will worry. Eating disorders etc....just be happy they are healthy and make eating a fun, healthy time. Only worry when the doctor tells you to.
02-01-2001 09:08 PM
Robyn Thank you!

Though Matt thinks Austin is thinning out.. we spent 11 days at my parents without matt and he came down and got us(we're a 1 car family) and he swore up and down that AJ was thinner and longer..

so I don't know.. I am excited (so is Matt) that he will be a football player!
02-01-2001 07:18 PM
Shannon My son is not even 2 months old and he is now at 13 pounds. I am excited with the fact that he is big, healthy, and likes to nurse. I just take in to consideration that he will be able to play football. haha I would much rather have a chubby baby than and small baby. I worry to much now that he isn't getting enough to eat because he is starting to nurse quicker. I don't think you have anything to worry about or to take offence at. I take it as a compliment when someone askes if he is 4 orr 5 months old
02-01-2001 12:04 PM
Robyn navy tig~ Oh I could imigine!!! Wy people think it's such a big deal when babies are big, I do not know!!!! It's like they are some kind of alien and everyone needs to come see! Infact come to think of it, Matt and I went shopping with Austin when he was about a month old and a lady was like oh he so cute, how old.. i told her he was a month old.. and at that time he weighed 13 pounds.. and the lady was like WOAH! and she called her daughter (who was pregnant) and her friend and her friends daughter over to see Austin! I didn't know what to do.. Charge admission or scream obscene words to all of them! I just gave the woman a nasty look and walked off! Grrrr! Makes me so angry!
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