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12-11-2000 12:04 AM
Lori Good luck Diane. I think I just jinxed myself by saying they had both grown out of it because yesterday Jordan decided she couldn't stand laying down and sure enough her breath smelled just like acid and she spit up all day yesterday. I also remembered another symptom Alyssa had and that was that spit up all the time even when she was sleeping. It scared me because she kept choking when she was sleeping and I had to always make sure she was on her side.
As far as the infantino goes I don't know if you can nurse it or not because I don't breastfeed but I'll try to remember to grab it from the car tonight and I will see how easy it or if it is possible at all.
12-10-2000 11:23 PM
mommyof4 The only thing with her is, that her breath smells like this now all the time...And she sleeps good lying down, soI dont think its heart burn, but it certainly is something..Oh well I will have to wait til tomorrow morning then I will call and find out what it is..but I think you are right ,Lori I read somewhere about the reflux on a baby and the symptoms,She doesnt have all of them, but she has a couple, which qualifies to me...but I will find out more tomorrow..
Thanx again ladies
12-09-2000 11:41 PM
Dawn You know -- I was just commenting yesterday that Cody's breath smells -- almost an alcohol like smell.

Is that the odor you're referring to? He does spit up quite a bit -- still does after a bottle. I'd bet money there isn't one inch of my living room carpet that he hasn't hit.

He's always been a gassy baby, but amazingly good, all things considered. Jessi was determined to be colicky, but she never really spit up.

Wonder if I should mention that to the doctor when he has his check up next week?
12-09-2000 10:43 PM
Lori Hi Diane,

That acid smell is what I was talking about earlier. Both Alyssa and Jordan had that problem but only Alyssa was treated because she was so bad. I don't think my kids had true reflux but they obviously had a heartburn problem which bothered them. I think they should come up with something like Tums or Mylanta for babies. We are normally miserable when we have heartburn so why wouldn't babies. Both of my kids outgrew it as soon as they were put on solids. Until Jordan was put on solids I had to put her in her swing to sleep because if you layed her down it bothered her more. If you think about it when you have heartburn it hurts more if you lay down so you may just have to leave her in a upright position for a while after she eats or if she is like my kids if she is having a bad day then leave her in a upright position permanatly. You should be able to tell by her breath. If you smell acid really bad then you might want to leave her upright but if she seems to be doing fine you can try lying her down. If something I typed doesn't make sense just tell me because Jordan is crying so I don't have time to go back through the message.
12-09-2000 10:16 PM
mommyof4 Thank you both for the support,There is only one problem I am having maybe one of you can tell me what it is.
Her breath stinks.It smells of acid and sour milk...Her breath shouldnt smell..Ive been giving her mylicon for her gassy, which seems to be helping, but not her breath...P.U.
Any suggestions??
I bought a sling, but have never used it..Its too big,I never knew they came in sizes..I bought it at a resale store and cant take it back( they went out of business)I got it cheap.It doesnt fit me right.I wanted one of those so I can easily nurse her...Can you nurse in the infantino?
12-09-2000 11:20 AM
Dawn Where were you 6 months ago when I was about to throw my carrier out the window? LOL I traded mine in at a consignment when he was just a few months old.

It took both me and hubby to get that thing on or off, and by that time, we'd wake baby up. Thanks for sharing that! Hopefully you'll save someone else the aggrevation of messing with one of those other ones.
12-09-2000 06:13 AM
Lori The good thing about the Infantino is that you can leave the baby in the carrier and just detach the carrying straps without waking your baby. The straps go on and come off pretty easy and this is the first carrier that I can actually put on by myself.
12-08-2000 09:30 AM
Dawn Glad to hear everyone's doing great! I would agree that a carrier would be a good idea. I bought one for Cody -- was convinced I was going to be supermom and use all of these neat gadgets. Well, he was so large that if he fell asleep in the carrier, I couldn't get him out without waking him up. His little legs kept getting stuck.

As a matter of fact, he didn't get to enjoy many of those gizmos for the same reason -- too big for the bouncer, outgrew his swing by 3 months -- poor baby!

I also used to spend way too much time cuddling and holding Cody. But, I used the same thinking -- he's probably the last, and he won't be a baby for long. Luckily he still likes to cuddle some, so I still get a "baby fix" every once in awhile! Enjoy it and don't worry about it.
12-08-2000 05:24 AM
Lori I am so glad your baby is doing fine and like you said you should enjoy your baby as long as you can. Pretty soon she probably won't even let you hold onto her. As far as her not letting you put her down,I have a great carrier from Infantino that I think has a lot more support than the others. Plus you can adjust the seat for the size of your baby and then later you turn it into a back carrier. I got mine at Kmart for about 25-30 dollars.
12-08-2000 03:51 AM
mommyof4 Well we had a clean bill of health and it seems she has a lil gas bubble from time to time and could be a lil colicy(sp),which is why the fussiness but I have also realized that other reasons for her fussiness is she likes to be held,even in a deep sleep, if I lay her down in her swing her chair,etc. she immediately wakes up..Which is making it hard on me trying to clean or bake or even use the restroom..But I am okay with this,I figure if she is going to be our last then why not hold onto that baby as long as I can..Anyways shes fabu and so am I..WOOHOO!!!
12-07-2000 07:20 PM
mommyof4 Well ladies I was finally able to get her in at 2:30 today.So we will see how it goes then, but Emmah and I saw my midwife and shes gaining beautifully, shes now 10lbs and 14ozs. at 5 weeks..I think shes a fatty..,She sleeps great at night, so we will see and I will write after we find out.Thanx for all the support
12-05-2000 03:33 AM
mamadoodle Diane,

Let us know what you find out about Emmah's hiccups when you talk to the Ped.
12-04-2000 07:05 PM
mommyof4 thank you lori for the info,
I dont smell acid and she does fine during the day and night,shell get fussy only when she needs to pass gas but so far so good.I will let you know when I find out
12-04-2000 03:42 PM
Lori Hi Diane,

I was just wondering if after your baby spits up or any other time can you smell acid on her breath? My middle one had diagnosed reflux at about 5 weeks by just the way she was acting. Screaming all the time and you couldtn't lay her down.You could also smell the acid on her breath all the time. She was able to get Propulsid and Zantac but they have recently recalled the Propulsid. My baby also had the same symptoms but the doctors wouldn't give her medicine because she was gaining weight fine. She also had hiccups all the time like yours. But on a plus side both of them outgrew the reflux as soon as they were started on solids. Good luck talking to your ped. and I really hope your daughter doesn't have reflux.
12-04-2000 03:11 AM
mommyof4 You know, I was reading my american baby mag and it was talking about reflux and now I am curious to know if she has it now.So I think I will call her ped. tomorrow and hopefully find out everything is fine...thanx mama
12-04-2000 02:46 AM
mamadoodle It is my understanding that hiccups are entirely normal. I wouldn't think it has anything to do with what you are eating. If you find she spits up or vomits after hiccupping, then have her checked for reflux. But if no other symptoms accompany the hiccups, I wouldn't fret.
12-03-2000 10:12 PM
mommyof4 Emmah,our 5 week old,gets the hiccups an awful lot .She had them even in my tummy but now that she is here she has them almost everytime she eats. and she always gets woke up by them and gets very cranky.Is it something I am eating?I wouldnt normally be worried about this because our son had this same problem, but not like this and it seems to me she is very gassy, but the poopys are not that much.And no, I am not eating as good as I should, which is probably why she is so gassy. But what are you supposed to eat...I am not much on veggies and this being the holidays I love my junk food..I am an addict for the stuff..So what is a breast feeding mom supposed to do...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
Thank you

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